Peter Paul Rubens “Landscape with a Dam”

Landscape with a Dam

Gouache, tempera and black chalk over sketch in black chalk on paper • Baroque • 435x590mm • circa 1635 • Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg

self portrait

Peter Paul Rubens

Flemish artist and diplomat
was born in the city of Siegen, Germany.

28 June, 1577

His style: Flemish Baroque

Check my tribute to this great painter here: Peter Paul Rubens

and here: Peter Paul Rubens


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  1. I’d heard of Rubens but knew little about him. I see in his Wikipedia article that he “was an avid art collector and had one of the largest collections of art and books in Antwerp.” Good for him!

  2. Thank you Marina…. I left a longer comment on the original… as I don’t believe I caught that in 2020 when you first posted.. Sending LOVE and well wishes my friend ❤

  3. I LOVE your tributes, Marina, especially as I start out my day. Your words, “Art towards a happy day” Is exactly what you bring to us all. Many thanks.

    What I didn’t know until very recently, was Rubens was knighted by both Philip IV of Spain and Charles I of England. What an extraordinary life! His legacy is a gift to our world.

    • Extraordinary life and extraordinary talent. A true gift indeed.
      I’m so happy you’re enjoying these tributes, my dear friend. Thank YOU!
      Many hugs your way.

  4. Sorry to report but not a good day as having to hang around waiting for a phone call. And outside when it’s not raining, it’s blowing a gale! We some of your sunshine 🌞.

  5. I especially love his drawings and the painting of the old woman and boy with candles but there are too many muscular naked figures which whilst very skilfully painted don’t hold my attention! 😎 However, whilst so many years later, I think I can see the beginnings of some of John Constable’s work (?). The landscape with the dam is amazing; it reminds me of some Chinese/Korean paintings.

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