Napalm Death : Breed To Breathe [Inside the Torn Apart, 1997] [reblog]

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Ένα παραμελημένο, μικρό έπος, από το Inside The Torn Apart, άλμπουμ με το οποίο οι Βρετανοί αρχιερείς του grindcore “ξαναβρίσκουν τον εαυτό τους” στα middle ’90s.

A neglected, little epic from Inside The Torn Apart, album with which the British grindcore pioneers “rediscovered themselves” in the middle ‘90s.


❝ Divorced humanity
Science strays
Walk the path of servitude
Grown unknown malignant code
Misconceived the passion whole
Misconceived the passion whole
Born against the innocent
Amongst us issues preset
Determined goals which are set
Love: a crime of serverance
Are we free to feel!?
Do we hurt to heel!?
Whose life to steal!?
Whose life to steal!?
Awareness fails the public eye
Primate morals sell the lie
2,2 – symbolic bait
A process – bound genetic fate
The selfish feed – breed to breed ❞



Stay Safe!

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