…and again


August 5



One more

long night

for all the people involved.

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  1. So horrible, Marina. I’m so sorry…our air quality is now affected by nearby fires. What an awful season people, animals, and nature endure now. Sending hugs. xoxo

    • I can’t explain why but I kept photographing the front of distraction I could see from our balcony, last night while crying thinking of all the animals being burned alive in there…
      Thank you, my friend.
      Tragic indeed.

      • On the bright side, I think most wild of animals manage to escape. Animals sense earthquakes and tsunamis and disappear before they happen. I think they can sense the early stages of fire and get out of harms to a large extent.

        • True but only the ones that can run fast or fly away. These fires were all arsons, and most intentional. 2 were already caught claming that we haven’t seen nothing yet as they are many! One was by a fool welding in the woods! The one at Theologos which could have burned our countryhouse was also arson. The one that actually burned a few houses was the third attempt on the same day. People are starting to take things personally and are out garding every green spot possible.

    • Yes, I know… horrible!
      This one was in the outskirts of the city burning suburbs of Athens while many other wildfires burn in other places in Greece.
      For now we’re staying in to avoid breathing this smoke.
      Thank you!

  2. Egads!
    This is horrible.
    Even if you stay inside, bits of smoke get in. Your home is not hermetically sealed.
    I send my best to you, Socrates, Hera, your family and all of Athens.
    This is a disaster.

    • Thank you, my sweet friend. A horrible disaster and though we had minimum human casualties [one firefighter], so many animals and trees lost… We could watch the course of the fire from our window all through the night]
      Today it is better but many fires still burn [one was at the village by the sea where our country house is, Theologos].

      • OH NO!
        The poor animals!
        Poor everyone and everything!
        As if Covid isn’t enough? I think Mother Nature is doing her thing, and reclaiming the planet.
        Is your house in Theologos okay?
        Much love!!

        • Morher Earth is surely fed up with us.
          We were fortunate because the wind changed direction, however others weren’t…
          Much love back!!!!!

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