August 6



we watch

the relentless

course of fire

…and not just in Athens

Hoping for a better sunset tomorrow.

Due to the fires, we’re under scheduled power cuts in order to avoid a huge black out. My replies & visits may be slower than usual.

We are safe but so much is gone and it’s far from over yet.

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  1. Just heard in the news that finally help is coming from many countries in the EU, including Germany (now that rebuilding is under way in Germany after the floods – a little dog got reunited with the owners, one happy ending in all these tragedies). Good thoughts only coming your way!❣️

  2. History has proven that people of Greece are much stronger than anything as disastrous as this wildfire can throw at you all. I gather from the media that the authorities are dealing with restoration of power and water outages, road closures, evacuations, protection of habitat areas/monuments, and are constantly monitoring the air quality. This necessity may continue in the coming many days. Meantime, it is comforting to know that you and members of your family are safe and that food, water and transmission networks, etc are available. Marina, I dearly wish all of you will get through this soon.

    • Thank you so much, my dear Jo! Yes we have endured many things and surely the authorities are dealing with multiple fronts for many days, which makes it an almost impossible task. Because of that, we have had minimum human casualties [one firefighter], but so many animals and trees…. and homes.
      Thank you so much for your wishes, my dear friend.
      We are safe.

  3. Love you, Marina!
    Love to Socrates, Hera and all your family, friends and the entire city of Athens!
    This is scary business!
    My heart to all the animals as well!


      • Wild fires are eating towns in western and northern Canada, as well.
        Towns that have been there 100 or more years.
        Athens is being covered in Canadian news daily! Stay safe! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

        • A rhetorical question of course as we all know the answer, but why don’t they fund fire/flood/earthquake prevention enough that these things don’t happen. Do they not know? Same goes for hunger snd poverty. Do they not know?
          Of course they do…
          Hope all fires everywhere go out soon! May earth, if she has anything left for us, show mercy, cause noone else will.

          • It’s crazy! The eastern states is always flooding. The west is burning, and always needs water due to drought conditions.
            Why can’t they build a network of ditches/trenches with a floodgate.
            I grew up by the Red River in Manitoba.
            Every year the river would flood & make a mess, causing the city of Winnipeg millions of dollars in damages.
            So they made a massive ditch….like a dry small river bed. It goes for about 50 km.
            The prairies are very dry in the summer, so it provides irrigation.
            “The floodway is recognized as a National Historic Civil Engineering Site and is considered one of the world’s 16 engineering marvels.”
            Many politicians are crooked as the edge of a saw!

            • It really is common sense but one can assume that either a. They lack common sense or b. They don’t care. Hard to make excuses qhen so much mobey is spent on media alone!
              Sending love and many hugs!

  4. Don and I have been following the heat wave in your area, Marina. We just viewed your temperatures for the next week! YIKES! Please, please take care.

    Climate change is real! We read that Athens appointed a chief heat officer to combat climate crises. This is a promising step, and we foresee this will be adopted in other cities and nations. This is from the Guardian:“This summer has been one of the hottest on record across much of Europe, with heat records tumbling in many areas, at the same time as floods have swept through Germany and Belgium. Across the world, China has experienced devastating flooding, while heatwaves have struck northern latitudes in Canada, and wildfires raged in the US.” https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/jul/23/athens-appoints-chief-heat-officer-combat-climate-crisis
    Sending many hugs across the oceans.

    • We’ve had heatwaves before, some were as bad as this one. What governments ought to do is fund ways to prevent fires / floods and educate people on how to deal with natural disasters and fire/flood/earthquake proof their homes. Of course it’s a promising step appointing a heat officer.
      We’ve lost our connection with Mother Earth.
      Thank you so much my dearest Rebecca.
      Many many hugs back to you!
      ps. we are safe!🙏

      • Don and I were just saying the same thing – we have lost our connection with Mother Earth. I heard that one of the most important things we can do now is plant trees and build green spaces within the cities. Please take care.

        • Hi. remember that i live in hurricane country. The issue isn’t with funding but with vigilance. We had a levee system built well before Hurricane Katrina almost destroyed us. There were 57 breaks in the levees including the big ones that made the news. Thy were never properly inspected monthly as they should have been. Tomorrow, I say in Storyteller, that Mother Nature has had enough and she’s coming for us.

  5. Fantastic photos of flames, smoke and sun. Sad to say, tragedy has a way of making good art. Stay safe. Fires are scary and the suffering of all is immense.

    • Yes, my friend… immense suffering. The images that keep coming up in my mind are of all those burned animals, even if there were overwhelmingly many volunteers who saved so many! [and still do]

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