Last night

and hoping

this was the

last night

we see this…


August 6

Friday night

Mt. Parnitha

Looks to me like a monster swallowing everything in its path.

Tonight, we see occasional tiny flares that after a short while go out.

Until the point there will be none…

Fires elsewhere in Greece continue their relentless path.

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      • Good… I don’t know about Greece but we’ve had wildfires here too… hard to know how much is due to climate change and how much is due to cigarette butts and careless hikers and campers who don’t know the ABC’s of living in the wild! Of course, everyone will blame climate change without thinking of anything else…

        • Well, I can tell you that here, various gas cans where found planted in most of the places that burned, people recorded explosions which happened with very little time difference, police have arrested 3 or 4 people, yet they still claim it’s …climate change. Weird things happen with this climate change…

  1. So terrible! California is on fire here as well. An entire town burned to the ground. Be safe dear Marina. Your photographs really depict the terror of this disaster. xoxoxo

  2. dangerously beautiful -rather like you Marina 😉 seriously though fire is a frightening sight and so destructive of life and home and wildlife. Happy you are safe and that the flames are on the wane

    • I used to be very fond of fire, so I completely get the poetic ‘dangerously beautiful. I would sit and watch it mesmerized, until I actually saw it in front of me, twice, once burning a car and then a forest I was driving by and I can tell you, there’s nothing beautiful about it. Just a nightmare coming to life. Thank you, my dearest Laura. I hope the flames go out in all other places too.

  3. Your photos are like scenes out of a movie, Marina. Unreal and so frightening! I pray those flames dissipate real soon. Stay safe, my friend. xoxox

    • They are and as I was taking those shots I couldn’t believe the sight. Thankfully those flames in Athens are out but they still burn in other places, horribly. Thank you, my dear friend. How is sweet Copper?

      • We canceled our backpacking last month because of fires in the Sierra. We hope to go next month, but it doesn’t look so far. Oh, Copper is okay, still not 100%, still on bland diet. It’s been a week and taking longer than we thought. But hopefully, this week he’ll reach that normal point. His behavior is much better though. Thanks for asking, Marina. Love and hugs…

  4. Dante’s Inferno. Will this wake-up call be heard?
    Wishing you’d your family strength and safety!

  5. OMG!
    Love is all I have right now.
    Hoping for less scary pics tomorrow!
    Thoughts and wishes with you and all.


  6. The natural world has a way of reminding us how insignificant we are in the big scheme of things.
    I hope that these catastrophic fires are soon put out and that you can all return to what passes as normal in these troubled times.
    Marina, I hope you and all your loved ones stay safe and well.

  7. My dear Marina–! I’ve been reading about the fires in Greece, but I never dreamed they were so close to you. I’m so sorry. Please tell me you and Oannes are safe, and that you are not in any immediate danger. Very concerned about you here…

  8. That’s a close monster devouring all in it’s path. Scary photos. Happy to read that the flames you see are becoming less and less. Let’s hope they go out and stay out.

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