A good sight

This is actually

a good* sight,

as the fires

in Athens

are out.

*if a black forest can be called a “good” sight

I only pray

similar images


in all the other places

still burning right now

in Greece

and many other countries.

A beautiful Monday and week ahead, everyone!

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    • Ah, yes, my dear Sylvia. Hope is all we have. Most fires are out now but it’ll take a very long tine for people, animals and forests to heal.

  1. That is great news, Marina, even though the scene still looks eerie. My heart breaks for all living creatures across the globe enduring flames. It’s devastating. Holding you in my heart. xoxo

    • Thank you, my dearest Alexandra. There are many volunteers out there, including trainers and vets scaning all the affected areas for wounded animals, with water and food.

  2. OMG!

    Living in the dark, but it’s better than in the red of flame!

    Stay out of the smoke. Love you, dahling!

    • Oh, without a doubt! I just can’t begin to fathom what all those people in Evia are going through, not only losing their homes, but breathing in all that thick black smoke above them for more than a week now!
      Our skies are much clearer now eventhough we’re under one more heatwave.

      • Poor Evia & its people and animals!!!

        Canada has never been so hot!!!
        The entire country is in a heat wave.
        In the 40’s in Toronto today.
        I’ve never seen this.
        The globe is becoming a furnace!
        The only thing burning hotter is my heart. I still feel a passion fo life.
        I adore you! Take care, dear Marina!

  3. Wait a minute, you can’t fool me– the Black Forest is in Germany!! Sorry, bad joke. Very glad to hear this good news, sorry for all you and the people of Athens have been thru. Courage! Onward! 👍 💪 😊

    • Thank you, my dear friend. Courage and …onward to all those people still under ominous fires, everywhere.

      • Unfortunately, today sees the publication of the IPCC report on climate change with a headline that is worrying: “code red for humanity”. I think all those involved in the COP26 conference in November, the leaders and politicians, need to walk through those ‘ghost’ forests, breathe in the smoke and get their hands and their shiny shoes dirty! Marina, sorry! The older I get the more rebellious I’m becoming! Keep well and stay safe, Ashley 🙋‍♂️💐💐🤗

  4. Beautiful photos of your black forest. Still sad, but such a relief that you not seeing red.

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