My poor crow…

I watched him

looking down


and searching

and searching some more

and then he stopped for a few seconds

seriously, people?”

so he started shouting

“What’s wrong with you?!”


& again

with all his might


“it’s no use, world’s upside down”


“I’m off!!!!! “

Happy Monday, everyone!

…with a bit more consideration for all beings walking this planet.

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  1. Hi Marina!
    We have so many crows here, it often looks like Alfred Hitchcock’s, The Birds! In fact, they will attack people (I’ve experienced it), where they have a nest in a tree along the sidewalk, and they go batshit crazy, swoop down and claw your head to protect their nest/tree/sidewalk. Also, don’t tempt them with shiny glasses, or sunglasses, they will also swoop down and attempt to take them….off your face! These crows are very aggressive.

  2. So glad your crow made it through the fire’s mess. Poor thing!
    Beautiful pics of him!

    His message is right! Humans need more respect for this planet’s life.

    We are in a mess!
    xoxoxoxoxoxoxo CROW xoxoxoxox
    in lieu of a crow emoji!!!

    • Yes, you got it!
      Funny thing is that these pictures were taken a few days before the fires. Maybe he was trying to warn us. Honestly he was yelling out of his head!
      Thank you, dahling!
      Love from me, Hera and Crow!

  3. I’m only reading this on Tuesday but what a hoot (sorry that’s an owl), what craic as they say here! Maybe he’s complaining about the weather! There’s a big oak tree in a neighbour’s garden and often a couple of crows (the hooded variety) will “talk” to each other. It always sounds like there is a disagreement of some sort. Maybe they are just like that: carping crows! 😉🙋‍♂️

    • “Carping crows”!!! 🤣🤣
      I think this little fella was struggling to get something out of that antenna but maybe he’s also complaining about us humans! 😉

  4. As part of my daily morning ritual I toss bread and wild bird seed for all the feathered neighbors. The crows are always first on the bread… and fun to watch and listen to.

  5. There is something in that antenna box he really, really wants. Poor fella. Excellent photos.

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