Sometimes they just pick the perfect spot!

Stan Ridgway


album: The Big Heat ,1986

…and then fly off!

Happy Thursday* everyone!

or… Thurfriday! 😉

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      • That’s interesting thanks. Funny how you can hear a song but not really get it until you read the lyrics or a summary! I recall the name Wall of Voodoo but never really consciously listened. I was more a ‘mainstream’ guy in my youth. Mainstream but very broad mainstream. I used to think “the reason they’re big is because they’re better than all that Indy crap!” I don’t really think that way now. And I did like some eccentric, out of the way stuff, even back then.😁

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          • Ha ha… I was thinking of your comment about having to “wade thru” today’s pop… But then I thought of it a bit more. In Canada at least, there was a lot of junk on the airwaves along with the good stuff. Maybe we just remember the quality content.

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            • …I did say a ‘certain’ standard but yep, a lot to junk back then too. Also if one considers all the ‘serious’ music (progressive etc) at the same time (60s 70s) the scale suddenly tips to one side!! 🤣🤣🤣

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              • Yes, the progressive still influences me to this day in my PC adventures. In Canada, we have a “Canadian Content” law where a certain percentage of airplay must be Canadian content… or CanCon as we say. This can be a good thing (helps some artists get exposure) but on the downside, a lot of fluff makes the radio simply because the gov. says it must be so. 😂😂😂

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                  • Yeah I’m not sure. On the one hand you’d think “free market” should determine. On the other hand… well, who knows. It’s a kind of protectionism. Does that keep a country like Canada at a lower-level by artificially helping/rewarding… or does it simply jumpstart? 🙂 Canadian stars who make it in the US don’t even show up if they win a Canadian music award (JUNO)!

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                    • Gosh, you know, since we’ve been talking about this I’ve been listening to the FM Top 40 and it sounds so incredibly mechanical. Those programmed drums sound so cheap most of the time. Last night I got out my telecaster, plugged it in, and just played… 100% human! 😄

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                    • I did have fun and whenever I play I sorta wish God called me into it more often because I’m always a bit rusty, it’s been so long since last time. Reaper also has a “humanize” feature where you can automatically set all the notes off the grid’s ‘perfect’ timing and vary their velocities by chosen percentages. I tried it and it mostly just sounded muddy to me… like a crummy player.
                      So when I do do that kinda stuff, I might (a) manually slide notes off the grid (b) set the velocity for individual notes or (c) set ‘swing’ to a certain percentage (Swing as you probably know is similar to ‘humanize’ but different).
                      Bottom line – a real drummer or player is best by far! But sometimes I have fun trying to program notes to sound like a real player… if I have the patience that is. Right now, PC music is not really speaking to me. It can be trippy but not really emotional, I find. 🙂

                      Sorry for this long reply… I guess you are the closest thing I have to a music buddy, now that all my old musical friends are scattered… 🙄

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                    • You and your husband are coming from a deep cultural tradition that I can only skim the surface of… it’s all relative. Interestingly, some of those ancient scales were named incorrectly by Christian churchmen. So “Ionian” didn’t reallly come from Ionia, etc. etc. 😁😁😁😁😁

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  1. The natural camouflage of creatures large and small is impressive.
    Man seems to be the only creature without cammo.
    We stick out like sore thumbs.
    Neat song, Marina. Never heard it before.

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    • Awww… what a lovely thing to say. Thank you, my dearest Rebecca. Truth is I followed her after I helped her out of a tough spot she was trapped in, so I saw her rest on the wall for a short while. Many more hugs back to you and wishes for a beautiful weekend. 🤗☀️

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      • Phones these days take great photos! I no longer have a camera as I’ve broken or lost too many! You’re not old enough but my first was a box Brownie that my parents gave me! It took great pictures but the film needed processing etc. Nowadays, from start to finish is at the press of a button; amazing! 💐😊🙋‍♂️

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