The beat of the rain

Street light


to the beat

of the rain

Herbie Hancock

Rain Dance

album: Sextant,1973

Composer: H. Hancock
Trumpet: Dr. Eddie Henderson
Trombone: Julian Priester
Soprano Saxophone: Bennie Maupin
Bass: Buster Williams
Drums: Billy Hart
Synthesizer: Dr. Patrick Gleeson

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. Excellent. One of my greatest fears is electricity in water, say with a flood situation. This gives the illusion of danger but of course, is safe! The music is perfect. 👍

  2. Lovely, Marina! We need rain so badly, still in a severe drought. But I see on my trusty iPhone that rain is coming next week. 🙂 Let’s hope my phone isn’t wrong this time. 🙂 Happy Saturday, my friend. xoxo

    • Thank you, my dear Lauren. Yes, those phone meteorologists…. Out of curiosity, I checked the phone weather while outside the rain was pouring… heavily for some time (and it sure lasted long too) and guess what I saw: a cloud with a half hidden sun! At least I could see a clipart sun as the real one took a day to reappear!!! 🤣😂🤣😂 Sometimes they do get it right though, so here’s to that. To be safe though, I’m sending you some of ours! 💙🌧⛈☔🌦💙

  3. Marina dahling!

    Magic photos of the rain! Love their dance & the Rain Dance music you included.
    Here’s a Rain Dance for you!

    Love this! (Canadian band)

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