Pitbull Awareness 2020

This is Hera and as Pitbull Awareness Month ends

I would like to remind my friends a few simple things:

✽ It’s the owner, not the breed

✽ We were bred as babysitters

✽ We are super loyal to our family, so don’t abuse our loyalty

Beware though

✽ Our love’s as strong as a bull

✽ Our tail is dangerously vivid

Sending all my friends paw waves and slobbery kisses [to those who can take it! 😉

Copying from The National Pitbull Awareness Day for some history on how and why this day was created:

In 2007, National Pit Bull Awareness Day was created to help raise awareness on the truth about Pit Bulls. For nearly 100 years, these four-legged friends were considered “Nanny Dogs,” because they were so loyal, docile, and loving that parents would often leave their babies or toddlers with their pit bulls while they ran to the store.  Over the decades, pitties have unfortunately garnered a reputation as being ferocious, malicious, and dangerous beasts. An image far from the truth and based on the actions of maligned humans, not the animals themselves.  Pit bulls were born out of a mixture of a bulldog and a terrier in England in the 18th century, partly to help with much-needed rodent and vermin regulation from the Industrial Revolution, but also because dog fighting was, unfortunately, popular at the time. That being said, as the now-extinct Bull and Terrier breed evolved into the American Staffordshire Pit Bull we now know and love, these pups were always considered affectionate, loyal, and great family dogs by breeders and owners alike. 


Here are previous posts about pities:

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one for the doggies…

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Now go enjoy a wonderful weekend

& to the fortunate ones [like us]

the change of time!

Yay, we get our hour back!]


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  1. OMG! Hera is one scary looking puppy! 🤣😂🤪

    Give her some kisses for me, and I’m off to get my sponges!

  2. I tried commenting via my mobile but my fingers are too clumsy, so here I am at my desktop!
    Thank you for enlightening me about these beautiful dogs, especially Hera😊. My eldest daughter has 2 Staffordshires and whilst very excitable they are lovely. It’s just a shame my wife doesn’t like dogs and excitable ones are not going to win her over.
    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. Walkies! 🐕😎

    • Thank you, my friend. I bet your daughter is blissfully happy with her Staffies. No, you’re right and part of the decision of getting a dog is that every member of the family agrees. Only way for everyone to be happy! 😉🐾🌻

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