The Woods V

the woods V © Marina Kanavaki

The Woods V

Technique: Watercolour

Original size: 28x21cm

detail 1

the woods V det1©Marina Kanavaki

detail 2

the woods V det2©Marina Kanavaki

detail 3

the woods V det3©Marina Kanavaki

The Woods V – 2013 from her watercolor series: Trees & Forests © Marina Kanavaki


[museum quality printing and framing]

original post 21.1.2013 • 19:05


my imaginary forest in purples, magentas & pinks
permeating it’s surroundings,
or is it the other way round…

Zooming in…
details from the painting. Click to view larger image
…this is where I discover tiny ‘strangers’ who invited themselves in!


$165 / 145€

“The Woods V” © Marina Kanavaki – Framed

Original watercolor painting by Marina Kanavaki – Framed with mat • Dimensions: 42x32cm • Frame: Fibreboard, Foil • Color: Black • Front protection: Glass • Passe-partout: Paper / white • Back panel: Wood-based panel • Value: Painting: $165 + Shipping: $33


Please make sure to email me before purchasing any of my paintings, for further details and availability [there’s only one! 😉 ]


$145 / 128€

“The Woods V” © Marina Kanavaki – Unframed

Original watercolor painting on paper, by Marina Kanavaki – Unframed with mat • Dimensions: 30x40cm • Passe-partout: Paper – white & gray • Value: $145 + Shipping: $18


Please make sure to email me before purchasing any of my paintings, for further details and availability [there’s only one! 😉 ]


If you wish to know more about the painting [concept, price & availability] or if you see something you like that has sold, I am happy to paint something similar as a commission, please get in touch at
My paintings are also available on art prints – framed or on canvas at Imagekind and specially designed on various everyday products at Society6[US] / Society6[Europe]

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  1. This is very beautiful Marina – I see a hint of darkness and brooding about this picture. did you intend that or am I reading into it? It seems to me to have a ‘dangerous attractiveness’ about it that makes me want to say “don’t go into the woods tonight Little Red Riding Hood, no matter how they call to you…”

  2. Gorgeous,Your amazing talent with colors is just well, awesome Marina. I can get lost in your art, yes I can! Just one of the aspects of your talent is the oh so subtle blending/merging, in this case your touch with other colors apart from purple, primarily the browns, It lends to the whole of your tree/forest theme, creating a harmony as is so true with nature. I’m so glad to know you. My goal is to one day be there so I can see your work in person and of course meet you too … naturally! 🙂 xxxxxxxxxx

    • Ah, Penny, more than anything in your comment, I just love your goal and can’t wait for it to happen! …and a huuuuuuge HUG back my dear dear friend! Needless to say how glad I am to know you, huh?!

      • Thanks, we are in total agreement! 🙂 I received and loved the huge hugs from you Marina and of course return them in full measure, and will keep doing so dearest friend of mine! xxxxxxx

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