The Fugs : Doin’ All Right [1966] [reblog]

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Όπως λέει ο stcigar, και συμφωνώ μαζί του, “με μια μικρή αντικατάσταση 3-4 λέξεων το πολύ, αυτός θα μπορούσε να είναι σήμερα ο υπερήφανος ύμνος των ‘ανεμβολίαστων’”.
Από το δεύτερο άλμπουμ των underground θρύλων, The Fugs [1966], επανακυκλοφορημένο στα ’90s ως The Fugs Second Album.

Like stcigar says, and I agree with him, “by replacing 3-4 words at most, this could be the proud anthem of the ‘unvaccinated’”.
From the second album by the underground legends, The Fugs [1966] re-released in the ’90s as The Fugs Second Album.


❝ I got hairs growin’ around my nose and throat
I don’t ever exercise the right to vote
When you see me on the street you yell “Jesus Christ!”
But I’m getting mine
I’m doin’ all right
I’m not ever gonna go to Vietnam
I’d prefer to stay right here and screw your mom
When you see me on the street you yell “Jesus Christ!”
But I’m getting mine
I’m doin’ all right
When I walk down the street
The people that I meet
Hold their noses and say
“How are you fixed for blades?”
But I just walk on by
I don’t even hear ’em
Because I’m high
And I’m getting almost as much pussy as the spades
I’m doin’ all right
We got to love one another
And we got to die
So rip your panties off
And ah look me right in the eye
You can’t miss me
I look a lot like Jesus Christ
I’m getting mine
I’m doin’ all right ❞


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