There’s magic

in walking

on a rainy night.

Everything glistens.

even our shadows.

Leaves gather in the wet gutters.

One says to the other:

John Barry & Chet Baker & Chris Botti

I Want To Stay The Night

album: Playing By Heart, 1998


Happy Tuesday everyone!

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  1. Oh, how lovely, Marina. You have a knack for taking simple things and giving them their spotlighted due! Walking in the rain definitely has its charms. And oh, this music… simply divine.

  2. In checking to confirm that this is the same John Barry who composed many film scores, I found out that his birth name was John Barry Prendergast. I also noticed the although he was from the UK, he died in 2011 in Glen Cove, on New York’s Long Island. Relatives of mine used to live in Glen Cove.

  3. Wonderful colours in your pictures! Music is amazing. Here, we’re into our 4th day of rain but we won’t walk much in it as it’s cold too! ☔🙋‍♂️

    • Thank you, Ashley! Yes, we’re also into the 3rd or 4th rainy day, but cold only just hit us today… well, compared to the 14-15C of previous days. 😉 Stay warm and happy!

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