UK Subs : I Live In A Car [1979]

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Ένα τραγούδι από το κλασικό άλμπoυμ των Λονδρέζων punks Another Kind Of Blues του 1979 – το blues του τίτλου δεν αναφέρεται “στα blues” αλλά στην αμφεταμίνη Drinamyl, περασμένη από την mod [’60s] στην punk [’70s] κουλτούρα. Μπλε ήταν το χρώμα του χαπιού, καταργημένου σήμερα

A song from the classic London punks’ album Another Kind Of Blues, 1978 – the blues of the title does not refer to “the blues” but to Drinamyl amphetamine, passed from mod [’60s] to punk [’70s] culture. Blue was the color of the pill, discontinued today.


❝ Well i live in a car,
Yeah i live in a car
Well i ain’t got no television set or stereo
Cos i live in a car
Don’t try to call me up on the telephone
Cos i won’t be home,
I live in a car
Well i live in a car,
Yeah i live in a car
Well i ain’t got no yard,
No i.d.card cos
I live in a car
Cops try to get me
But i don’t care
I’m never there
Yeah i live in a car
234 ❞


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