When I saw Gandalf this morning, he was green! Half an hour later …white!

This year it’s Elpis [Hope] who brings us this ice front and she’s fast!

I’m glad I caught these chimneys before they disappear too!!!

Ore temp: -1ºC [feels like -4ºC ]


In case you’re wondering: we’re loving it! 🐾



and here’s to a great week ahead


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  1. This looks like normal winter to me – the way it used to be 50 years ago here in Germany, when I was a child. Now we have rainy weather instead, and you have snow in Athens. 🙂

  2. Marina – you make every photo a work of art. Your post was a reminder of the impermanence of life. Within a few short minutes, everything changed with the snowfall. And when the sun and warmth comes back, everything will change again. Lovely.

    • Amazing isn’t it… and this change was so quick. In just half an hour we went from color to white… or -as Phil mentioned- to contemporary art! Thank you, my dearest Rebecca.

  3. Gandalf cuts a bold figure, but Hera steals the post.
    Lol! -25C here.
    Today was warm at -4C, but it’s back to -25 tomorrow.
    -4 made sleet. I looked like Gandalf when I got home!

    Sending kisses to Hera, and off to get the sponges!

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