When I saw Gandalf this morning, he was green! Half an hour later …white!

This year it’s Ariadne who brings us this ice front and she’s fast!

I’m glad I caught these chimneys before they disappear too!!!

Ore temp: -1ºC [feels like -4ºC ]


In case you’re wondering: we’re loving it! 🐾



and here’s to a great week ahead


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  1. Lovely images.
    Snow makes everything look so contemporary- sculptural…wonder if the icy memory in the back of people’s minds of snow days might be one reason some think contemporary sculpture is so cold?
    Stay warm and enjoy the show. (Love Hera’s harness! Haven’t seen that style. Molly is snoozing again as it’s cold and raining here – we got out for a walk before – just in time. Cheers and warmth to you and yours)

    • Now that’s a great thought… maybe you’re right! Modernism Snow, Roccoco Spring, Expressionism Summer and Impressionism Fall… [open to suggestions!]
      We’re looking forward to tomorrow’s walk, that is, if we’re able to get out of our home …on the 5th floor!!!! 😂🤣🤣⛄️
      Paw waves to Molly from Hera!

  2. that far shot of the chimneys is particularly pleasing with its textural contrasts and muted tones – Hera is of course a winter weekend winner (whereas I am cowardly in the cold as it is here today)

    • It is pretty and peaceful… although ours is not peaceful yet. Some serious snow storm began a few hours after I posted and everything is …white, I mean really white with occasional thunder! I’ve never experienced snow with thunder before! xoxo

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