White in transition

Gandalf welcoming soft color

Gandalf charmed all the subtle colors of the sky towards him


Today is Mozart’s birthday, so Hera gave her consent to add his C Minor Mass, in one the best performances [imho] by Herbert von Karajan and an absolute bliss to listen to Barbara Hendricks.

Here it is….

[one of my favorite arias “Et Incarnatus Est” at 40:20 or listen to the second video]

Great Mass In C Minor, K.427 “Große Messe”

Herbert von Karajan • Barbara Hendricks • Janet Perry • Peter Schreier • Benjamin Luxon, Wiener Singverein • Berliner Philharmoniker


A great Thursday, everyone!


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  1. Happy Birthday Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!

    Marina – you have the best celebrations. The sky, the colour, the music – pure bliss. My favourite “Mozart” quote is: “The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between!” Thank you for the invitation to the party.

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