Variations on white…ish

Gandalf ..of course

…some other world

…and pastel skies


A great Friday & weekend ahead, everyone!


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  1. The varying colors in these photographs is just amazing! In photos like these, I am reminded of why earth is a glorious place and living is as beautiful. 🙂

  2. Okay, love this.
    Still where’s the variation of Hera?
    You must have known I’d miss her happy self in the snow.
    Waiting with my sponges!

  3. I’ve read that some kinds of animals have vision that lets them see in black and white but not color. We also know that some animals can see light of wavelengths (e.g. ultraviolet) that humans can’t. Now I wonder if there are animals that can see color but only in a toned-down way.

    • I can’t say i really enjoy the snow. Only thing I like is the quietness about it and the abstract images it creates, otherwise I always think of people, animals and plants exposed to it and the problems it brings. I hope people in NE US are safe and warm.

  4. I saw a tree that I swear was Gandalf’s cousin. Problem was I could not capture it properly because of my angle. You just couldn’t see that it had that perfect curve.

    Love your white-ish variations!

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