Singing clouds

Though these clouds may not be singing

there is someone who I’m sure moves them,

like it moves me

…feathers in a blue.

The singer!



Happy Thursday, everyone!


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  1. I love clouds, too, Marina, and yours are beautiful. That feathered singer is also quite the entertainer! Perfect video! Hugs, my friend! xoxoxo

  2. ☁☁☁☁☁

    ◽ a n d ◽ h a p p y ◽ f r i d a y ◽ m a r i n a ◽


  3. Those clouds are singing finely textured tones with alto ripples bouncing off the big bass lines that stretch in parallel from here to yonder. A perfect silent sonnet to accompany your feathered friend’s fine singing. Great cloud photos and recording of the bird on a pole.

  4. I LOVED the video of the singing bird, Marina – so joyful and from the heart reaching to the clouds singing and dancing above. I have signed up to your YouTube channel!!! Sending many hugs!

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