dEUS : One Advice, Space [1999] [reblog]

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Ένα από τα ενδιαφέροντα γκρουπ που ξεκίνησαν την πορεία τους στα ’90s, ιδιαίτερα αγαπητό και στο εναλλακτικό κοινό της χώρας μας είναι οι Βέλγοι dEUS. Διαλέγουμε ένα κομμάτι τους από το άλμπουμ The Ideal Crash του 1999.

One of the interesting groups that began their course in the ’90s, particularly loved by the alternative audience of our country, is dEUS from Belgium. We pick a song from their album The Ideal Crash, released in 1999.


❝ Wasted and wounded, erased with the night
One man’s conviction is another man’s lie
I said you could find me where the nighthawks fly
And I’ll be there a while, yes I’ll be there a while.
Dustpaper coupons, there’s a guy by the door
He said: “What makes me quit makes you go back for more”.
This place isn’t real man, this girl is a whore
Watch me fall to the floor, but I’ll go back for more.
Sometimes I wander
So I finally found you, and I lost you to love
No it sure wasn’t this I was… thinkin’ of
Put your silhouette on me and your sweetness above
And I can’t get enough, no I can’t get enough.
Wasted and wounded, this ain’t no way to die
One man’s cold turkey is another man’s high
I said you could find me where the nighthawks fly
And I’ll be there a while, yes I’ll be there a while.
Sometimes I wander
Down on the floor, got a closer look at hell
You see, somebody pushed me, I just pretended that I fell.
I said that I adored you, but I could never tell
For all that I know I’ll be gone when you go.
Music went through you and took you to a place
There ain’t no doubt you’ll find a welcoming embrace
I said that I loved you, another hawk in space
And you’ll be there for a while and I’ll be there for a while
Finding my own inarticulate prose
Weirding out strangers and laughing at those
Jaundiced and jaded postured and posed
Not that we’re special, it’s just that we’re
Closing in on a place where we might get to be
Living real people regularly
Send you some stuff and be good like you asked
Must promise remember the sixth and the last
Thanks for anonymous invisible
Take us away ❞


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