Carter USM : A Perfect Day to Drop the Bomb [reblog]

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Καταιγιστικά πυρά από τους Carter USM, σ’ ένα τραγούδι από το άλμπουμ – ντεμπούτο τους 101 Damnations του 1989. Μια σπουδαία πρόταση του stcigar.

Firestorm from Carter USM, on a song from their debut album 101 Damnations released in 1989. A great proposal from stcigar.


❝ To the north of Kathmandu
There’s tiny children sniffing glue
Like losers in a Michael Winner script
It’s got a BMX certificate
And somewhere in the opening shots
By the wino in the cardboard box
A madman cornered by police
Puts a Smith and Wesson between his teeth
And meanwhile in the butcher’s shop
Another turkey gets the chop
Outside there’s a blazing sun
It’s a perfect day to drop the bomb
Everybody say war
Everybody say radiation ❞


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