Country Joe & The Fish : Pat’s Song [1967] [reblog]

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Το “Pat’s Song” ηχούσε πάντα στ’ αυτιά μου σαν ένα τραγούδι απώλειας, παρά σαν “ερωτικό” όπως θεωρείται. Κατά την ταπεινή μου άποψη είναι ό,τι πιο συγκινητικό έχει γράψει ο Country Joe McDonald, λησμονημένος σήμερα…

Pat’s Song” always sounded to me like a song of loss, rather than a simple “love song” as it stands. In my humble opinion it’s the most moving thing the forgotten Country Joe McDonald‘s written.

❝ Bring flowers
And ring them
‘Round her grass her
Bring leaves from the mountain
And boxes of air
Bring baskets of food
And things you can share
And the moon
Will shine in her eyes
She will stand in the sea
With her body like sand
And the dolphins will come
Kiss the palms of her hands
As she opens her soul
To the water and land
Her smiles will colour the sky
With bottles of light and sacks of clay
With music to dance and songs to play
With the lemons and candles
You’ll see the way
That the moon
Will shine
In her eyes
She will fly on the wind
With her face to the sun
Children will dance all around her for fun
Just ask her for love
And she’ll give you some
For her smiles will cover the sky ❞


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