Standing tall

A beautiful pine tree,
determined to stand tall
as the fluffy rises to support it

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. Wow Marina, that is a very tall the and I loved the way you thought of it and used it to inspire us people to stand tall as well and conquer our issues. Have a great day😊👏

  2. Trees have so much to teach us… As their roots ground them to the spot.. They witness so many changes surrounding them. and could tell us many a tale about change.. And how they Give us so many gifts of themselves with so many uses… For fuel, for shelter, for furniture, our writing materials, our canvas on which we paint, for our very breath, along with their fruits and blossoms..

    The Standing Ones… do indeed stand tall , and I so love and appreciate our Trees great and small..
    Lovely post and image dear Marina…
    Much love your way ❤

  3. Wow! This tree a a poem of nature.
    A painting from the earth up.
    A love affair with its sky.
    Amazing shot, dahling!

  4. striving ever upwards, no matter what the setbacks…


  5. That is one beautiful gnarly pine tree that is inspiring the clouds. It’s like a bonsai topped pine tree.

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