The clouds, sometimes…

or should I say:
Nature always…

Happy Thursday, everyone!

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    • Νεφέλη is one word for cloud. it is used to describe a cloudy sky: νεφελώματα [nephelomata]. These particular ones are somewhere between Stratocumulus – Στρωματοσωρείτες and Cumulonimbus – Σωρειτομελανίες. I’ve added their greek word but really the one used is the latin one.

  1. Gorgeous!

    Makes me think of whipping cream.

    I wish there was a veggie whipping cream!
    Maybe I can make mashed tofu cloud-like and eat it thinking about clouds and whipping cream?

    🧁 – for lack of a whipping cream emoji, I propose there is whipping cream on the cupcake!


  2. I love your clouds that move above and across the Earth, well at least for awhile. Clouds and wind just go together. It’s fun to watch the different directions they move, even opposite, depending on their altitude. Pretty and light, just what we need sometimes. 🙂

    • “Above and across – pretty and light”
      You’re so right, my dear friend… just what we need sometimes!
      Thank you, my dear Mary Jo!
      Enjoy a wonderful weekend. 😘🤗

  3. Oh, I do love that thought, Marina! “Nature always….” We have entered winter on this side of the world. There is a weather advisory of rain coming off the Pacific for the next couple of days. It is good to see the clouds, even when dark. Sending hugs!

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