pink lime & orange

…just a hurricane candle.

Light a tealight inside and see everything pink green and orange tinted!

Another marwax design.


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  1. when i saw the title of the post pink,lime and green ,i wondered how all those colours could mix but it seems to have been done beautifully. its beautiful

  2. Wow, that’s fabulous! It must take a lot of work to get the detail and the colors designed into the candle. The colors blend very well together!

    • Thank you for your kind comment Fergie. As wax is a completely different medium than painting it can be quite hard to get the result a painter wants! Hard work, practice and stubbornness [my middle name!] however does the trick!

  3. WOW… Never seen anything like it.. Wonder how brilliant would it look when lighted 🙂

  4. Is very beatifull and is a flower of yuour hearth!
    Sweet woman thank you for this art of beauty!!
    One kiss for you ♥

        • It was actually meant to be marinawaxcraft but someone beat me to it, so yep it got chopped to marwax! Hopefully I will be able to sell online soon. So far I’ve been selling them from my little workshop.

          • that’s so cool Marina! 🙂

            what about “Marina-Wax-Craft”

            or maybe “marwax” or “MarWax” is better anyway… less typing is good! 🙂

            Can you set up an online sales thing thru You don’t have to move to, do you?

            And you want it to be separate from your blog? It seems like maybe it’s a separate idea… but I worry that 5 things updated once or twice a week generates a lot less energy than 1 thing updated daily (or weekly instead of 5 things once a month, etc…

            So I kind of feel like if there’s a way to have things be on one website/blog and use Categories / Menus / Layout to get peeps to what they like… that the overall site maybe is stronger that way…

            • You are very very right! That’s exactly what I was planning to do. Having an e-shop under the marwax category, in my WP blog [this one]. Even though I started off with blogspot [where marwax is at the moment] I’ve found WP better in many ways. I may have to change to org as you say but I’m still gathering info. Thank you so much for your advice Vaneeesa!

              • haha, yes, I too started at blogger, which is a nice platform, but it does seem like WP is stronger in a variety of ways.

                But there’s no way to have your “store” on You have to go to .org?

                I’ve done .org and it’s very easy so not exactly a problem, but for a non “webmaster” I just found it extra work… like at .com spam protection just works… with .org you have to go get a key and make a donation for it and come back and install it… it’s all easy and fast and not expensive… but it is more fuss than just being there right away on .com

                And the host I got for .org, even though I pay them for hosting… they seem to have slower servers than the free .com servers (which don’t seem all that fast either, but better 😛

                Anyway, IDK on the “commerce” thing… did you already look at it and you have to go out to .org?

                • I’m just in the process of reading and getting all the info, which is giving me red eyes and massive headaches so far! If I could have an e-shop at my current com blog, I’d stick to it! [I’m not one for changes!] I will let you know though when I start having a clearer idea. As I am not experienced nor a webmaster, I experiment! Thanks again for the help!

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