Systemkaos: + EDEN / DARK +

Good morning and a beautiful new week to everyone!

When I started this blog, I had absolutely no idea I was entering a world of possibilities!

One amazing aspect of WP is collaborations.

So far I have been blessed with many friends and some wonderful artistic “synergies”.

I am happy to post here one more by a fellow artist: SYSTEMKAOS

Thank you, Bert.

Click on the image to visit his blog.

eden dark systemkaos marina kanavaki art wb

Art collaboration work by Systemkaos & Marina Kanavaki.

64 Responses to “Systemkaos: + EDEN / DARK +”
  1. Anonymous says:

    stunning, simply stunning. . Two excellent artists combined! Thank you both for sharing this exquiste work:-)
    groetjes, Francina xxxxxxxx

  2. clinock says:

    Truly stunning collaboration – I am blown away by the art of both of you and how beautifully they dance together…

  3. violetski says:

    Beautiful and great composing and collaboration , Marina! ❤

  4. paranoiasnfm says:

    And the woman transformed the painting in a sensual piece of art! 🙂

  5. maybe it’s me– I’ve lost the connection… The title is conflicting and I’m not very sure about its message [if any]… forgive my ignorance.

    • You are right, I obviously did not make it clear…
      Systemkaos is the name of the fellow artist who designed / created this image and +EDEN/DARK+ , is his title for his composition. I felt honored that he wished to use some of my work for this [Le Mort II and Cerulean Tree] and this is why I posted it here.

  6. doronart says:

    Marina that is a super combination I love composition and it looks very good. Good luck.

  7. Incredible combination of two a forms …. phenomenal.

  8. Collaboration is so exciting and it shows here!

  9. A wonderful piece Marina – you both work well together. I loved the dark and sensuous nature to this 🙂

  10. The Hook says:

    Your collective vision is wonderful!

  11. That is sophisticated. Love his work.

  12. Fergiemoto says:

    Amazing, Marina! What a beautiful collaboration of both of your wonderful talents! 🙂
    Thank you for introducing him to us.

  13. aFrankAngle says:

    Much going on in this creation. The right side provides the pop, the left the intrigue. Cheers to SYSTEMKAOS.

  14. AinaBalagtas says:

    Beautiful indeed!

  15. fgassette says:



  16. Fantastic collaboration. Great panache!

  17. Deb says:

    This is amazing, Marina…your amazing!
    Have a great week!

  18. deCamville Design says:

    What a cool collaboration! I am so happy you both made this, and thank you, Marina, for introducing us to Bert! ~xxx

  19. Nuno says:

    Good idea. I’ve made some collaborations through internet in different domains (for example, recording separate instrument tracks for songs) but I never guessed it could collaborate in paintings.

    Thanks for sharing.

  20. I know little about digital art, though, the composition and the play with layers and fragmented images is quite interesting PLUS your fabulous, free-flowing even organic feeling brushstrokes give it the ideal balance… Great collaboration, Alexandra

  21. Beautiful concept ,the colors are amazing.Cheers.jalal

  22. willowdot21 says:

    here here ! I agree with makagutu ! Magnificent! This is beautiful

  23. Madhu says:

    Your collaboration has resulted in an amazing piece of art! Love it!!!
    Is it an illusion or is it three dimensional?

  24. Mary says:

    Congratulations this is beautiful!

  25. Great collaboration Marina, wishing you a wonderful New Week… May I say your work is entwined and embracing and reflects well the art work of your friend. 🙂

    • Ah, Sue, thank you so much! In reality I was the lazy part of the collaboration! I did nothing but lend my work for Bert to use as he wanted! Very happy you like the outcome!

  26. Dilip says:

    Lovely week to you too Marina 🙂 SYSTEMKAOS creation is beautiful. Thanks.

  27. mobius faith says:

    SO amazing!!!! What a great collaboration. The different styles are really complementary to each other. Well done.

    • I also think his image is amazing. I really had no part in the creation… Bert chose some of my work to paint a new design [le mort II and cerulean tree]. Thanks Terry.

  28. Brings the world together.

  29. makagutu says:

    Magnificent! This is beautiful

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