Systemkaos: + EDEN / DARK +

Good morning and a beautiful new week to everyone!

When I started this blog, I had absolutely no idea I was entering a world of possibilities!

One amazing aspect of WP is collaborations.

So far I have been blessed with many friends and some wonderful artistic “synergies”.

I am happy to post here one more by a fellow artist: SYSTEMKAOS

Thank you, Bert.

Click on the image to visit his blog.

eden dark systemkaos marina kanavaki art wb

Art collaboration work by Systemkaos & Marina Kanavaki.

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  1. stunning, simply stunning. . Two excellent artists combined! Thank you both for sharing this exquiste work:-)
    groetjes, Francina xxxxxxxx

    • You are right, I obviously did not make it clear…
      Systemkaos is the name of the fellow artist who designed / created this image and +EDEN/DARK+ , is his title for his composition. I felt honored that he wished to use some of my work for this [Le Mort II and Cerulean Tree] and this is why I posted it here.

    • Awww… as much as I would like to, I can’t take that credit, as it belongs fully to Systemkaos! Thank you, my dear Deb!
      You too have a great week! xxxx

  2. Good idea. I’ve made some collaborations through internet in different domains (for example, recording separate instrument tracks for songs) but I never guessed it could collaborate in paintings.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I know little about digital art, though, the composition and the play with layers and fragmented images is quite interesting PLUS your fabulous, free-flowing even organic feeling brushstrokes give it the ideal balance… Great collaboration, Alexandra

  4. Your collaboration has resulted in an amazing piece of art! Love it!!!
    Is it an illusion or is it three dimensional?

  5. Great collaboration Marina, wishing you a wonderful New Week… May I say your work is entwined and embracing and reflects well the art work of your friend. 🙂

    • Ah, Sue, thank you so much! In reality I was the lazy part of the collaboration! I did nothing but lend my work for Bert to use as he wanted! Very happy you like the outcome!

  6. SO amazing!!!! What a great collaboration. The different styles are really complementary to each other. Well done.

    • I also think his image is amazing. I really had no part in the creation… Bert chose some of my work to paint a new design [le mort II and cerulean tree]. Thanks Terry.

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