Interviewed @ ACT. REACT. or just THINK about it!

A few days ago, I got an invitation from Alexandra for an interview [a conversation between two artists].

Needless to say how honored and happy I was by her kind gesture.

You can read our conversation / interview here: “DISCOVER… MARINA KANAVAKI”

To introduce her, I chose to share with you her very own words:


My perfect day consists of
A list of not-to-do stuff

With canvases the whitest
Paint brushes the cleanest
Colors all the brightest
Imagination at its fullest

Creativity will leave no space 
For the ever avoidable mistake
Only pencil at its pointiest
Eraser will have no place

My perfect day consists of
Inspiration setting course
For my spirit to take flight 
To the land of possibilities
Where all dreams come into sight

My perfect day consists of
No limits to deter me
no obstacles to defy me
I just need to be there
and be grateful
and be giving 
of be the best me I can be

Make sure to visit her wonderful blog: ACT. REACT. or just THINK about it!

Thank you, my dear Alexandra, from my heart! 🙂

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  1. …”My perfect day consists of
    No limits to deter me
    no obstacles to defy me
    I just need to be there
    and be grateful
    and be giving
    of be the best me I can be”,

    I love that Marina, so well said, so true, so creative and yes, why not…So inspiring!



  2. Enjoyed learning more about you Marina! Your music is beautiful! Was unaware you had three albums out already!! Congratulations and all the best for the future 🙂

  3. Wowwwww! My precious one, just read the interview and I am delighted to greet your success!
    Totally relished the interview – a smooth flow of engaging conversation!
    Am soooooo very proud of you –but you already know this!
    Much triumphant moments await you, my dearest Marina. 🙂
    *shaheen smilin’ all the way for you*.
    Lotsa’ hugs & love.

    • I am sending you many many hugs back and kisses and even more so because I know what it means visiting wp again. Thank you very much, my dear friend! !
      Keep smilin’!!!!
      🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. You are an incredibly talented writer (of course, should have guessed).. I hope you share your writings alongside your beautiful art as well. 😀

      • You’re incredibly talented! You words are like the brush to convey what is in your heart. Keep writing! Totally inspiring! Besides, we are our own harshest critics.. 😀

        • My dear dear Pink, could you be confusing Alexandra’s poem as mine? I wanted to honor her interest in interviewing me by saying a few things about her, but then I came across this beautiful poem she wrote and I thought it would be much better than anything I’d say. I agree about us being our own harshest critics and I think it’s right too! Thank you for all your kind words, my dear!

  5. This was a fascinating interview – I had no idea you had made albums! Please give links to where I can buy and download them – I may not be able to afford or get hold of your artwork (yet…one day) but I can certainly listen to your music 🙂

  6. My person says that sounds like a perfect day, but I’d like to add some fish to make it perfect. It was fun to read your interview.

  7. Alexandra’s quote gave me chills up my spine, the weather is perfect sunshine, bright blue sky, and the peaches are almost ripe!!! I am happy to report that it is fitting like a bow string on a handmade recurve to have you, as my first follower on smilove! Thank you Marina! This post rocked!!!!!

  8. Wonderful words expressing the process of art taking place and developing the creativity.
    Congratulations on your interview, Marina, and in your enjoying others artistic journey.
    Peaceful Weekend Wishes ….!!!

  9. What a lovely poem, and congratulations on the excellent interview! I enjoyed learning more about you. I did not know about your musical talents. That’s so wonderful! I will be hopping over to your music site soon to listen to your creative sounds.
    Hugs! 🙂

    • I am so happy to hear that FM! I don’t find it easy speaking about me, but Alexandra has her way!
      Thank you my dear. A wonderful weekend!
      Hugs and xxxxx 🙂

  10. Thank you, dear Marina, for sharing this beautiful poem, I will go over to the link you provided.
    groetjes, Francina xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. I think I blushed when I read my “poem/ ode to my perfect day” here on your blog…jajajaaaa You’ve got a group of loyal and loving followers, more reason to be proud of yourself my dear friend! “A Conversation Between Two Artists” I LOVE IT, though I’ve still got a looooooong way to go with developing my art 🙂 this was incredible, you have opened a new venture for me 🙂 xoxo, Alexandra

  12. You are a multi talent young woman … and I love the post with the interview – learned some more about you. Your poem is beautiful .. and I love the photo you’re using. Just so colorful and full of mixtures of colors … as you as a person are.

    • Ah, thank you, my dear Viveka. The poem is Alexandra’s. I posted it here because I thought it was a nice way to introduce her to you. Poem and photo are exactly as they appear in her blog. She is a very kind soul!

  13. Hi Mariina , this is a unique and interesting post.Thank you for liking my post (Fascinating Art..) you have a fascinating art form.Your paintings and your imaginations for choosing your colors is an art by itself.Sincerely jalal

  14. Awesome! I’ve always wondered about your inspiration because you seem to have an endless creative output! Music and art have such an intense relationship that I’ve only begun to touch the surface of. Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to have one of your prints in my home:)

    • Thank you so much, Eric! Even though to me it’s a one way relationship, I do agree, it’s intense! I can’t tell you how flattered I am to hear that you -a very talented photographer / artist who’s incredible compositions I admire- would like to have a print of my work.

  15. Hello Marina! I loved reading the interview – very interesting – you are so talented – I am happy to learn more about your artistic life! Many Happy Regards! Nawfal

  16. What a beautiful and inspiring poem! I love those palettes too, with the paints all together creating their own composition. Thank you for sharing this Marina, and have wonderful creative day! ~xxxxx!

    • She is an inspiring person and I was thrilled to have that artistic “chat” with her. You too have a great and very creative day, my dear Patricia. Can’t wait to see more of your amazing work!
      🙂 xxxxxx

      • Soooooo. I read the interview Marina, just excellent, listened to the music … blown away, I had been curious re: POD and your products, but can also see the future where all is original from scratch to completion (pure creativity, no boundaries to conform within)! In closing … read my thoughts and emotions I’m feeling right now about your talent and creativity and your “soul of things” … yes exactly, dear friend of mine. xo

        • Wow Penny!!! Read them, my dear and I’m speechless!!!
          Thank you so much my kind friend! And thank you for visiting our music channel @ you tube and leaving comments too! Big big kiss, hug and smiles!
          xxxxxxx 🙂

          • Your music is very beautiful Marina, along with your paintings. One song in particular I’ve listened to several times, just soul searing (in a most excellent way! Have the bestest weekend my dear friend! xo

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