atom flowers #38

atom flowers #38©Marina Kanavaki

detail 1

atom flowers #38 det1 ©Marina Kanavaki

detail 2

atom flowers #38 det2 ©Marina Kanavaki

detail 3

atom flowers #38 det3 ©Marina Kanavaki

Atom Flowers #38

Technique: Watercolour

Original size: 13×13

from “marina’s atom flowers” 2013 © Marina Kanavaki

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frame_af38 imagekind af38 float-frame-big fl_all

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af38 framed s6 af38 canvasizeraf38 on canvas detail

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83 Responses to “atom flowers #38”
  1. TRES BEAU , vous avez beaucoup de goût…

  2. 2far2shout says:

    Greetings Marina. I really adore the close-ups of Atom. They are complete abstracts, colour, tone and form. Trouble is, if you set out to paint a large version the same ‘effect’ would not be realised. Mmmmm

  3. rlte says:

    Most beautiful work as usual.Thanks for your visits to my blog.Rltel

  4. Madhu says:

    Gorgeous! More my kind of colours 🙂

  5. sriramjanak says:

    Dancing colors…Marina..beautiful as always..:-)

  6. Gorgeous, vivid colors, Marina! 🙂 xxx

  7. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Beautiful. Just is.

  8. Fergiemoto says:

    Beautiful bright, bold colors! I love the fiery red. It feels like autumn is approaching.
    Spectacular as usual, Marina! Hugs!

    • Ah, thank you so much my dear FM! I look forward to autumn, eventhough we’re in the middle of summer and still haven’t seen the sea. Hugs back and have a beautiful weekend!

  9. Pink Ninjabi says:

    Love the blends of you! 😀

  10. Wonderful as always Marina! By the way, I’ve saved the link to your music and when I’m next in Dhaka I hope to download one of your albums. Can’t do it here because the internet is too slow (took an hour to get to this page would you believe!). Looking forward to hearing your creativity as well as seeing it 🙂

    • Ah, Ken, thank you so much, my friend! I really appreciate your waiting time just to open a page… hmmm I have to find ways to lighten up the posts. Coincidentally, I am now building the site, so if you pop up there you’ll be able to hear a lot! ( It is now up and constanly being updated with new tracks.
      All the best and a beautiful Sunday!

      • Thanks Marina. Again, I’ll have to wait until I get access to better internet – video and audio are only possible really if you download them (which takes hours…) 😦

  11. Marina I interpret this as a wedding bouquet of miniature red posies.. like poem in pain.

  12. Bongo says:

    That looks like something I might find on my trails. Very beautiful.

  13. I love the artwork!
    Check my blog tomorrow, you have been nominated for an award!

  14. jalal michael sabbagh. says:

    Tremendous imagination to produce such unique Art,The colors give the viewer a sense of serenity.Thank you Marina for your like.Regards.jalal

  15. CLANIMA says:

    Marina…you are LOVE!!!…
    Un abbraccio dal mio Cuore 🙂

  16. A bountiful bouquet of joy! Beautiful!

  17. The circles look like ribbons used by dancers. They’re floating through the air grasping the positive energy. The colors are very feminine and happy for the eyes.
    Another beautiful painting that looks well with the many representation.
    Isadora xo

    • Somehow I thought you might see dancers and ribbons…. What makes me even happier is the ‘positive energy’! To see my happiness reflected in someone elses smile, is bliss! 🙂 xxxx

  18. Cat Forsley says:

    beautiful M – heat wave colours 🙂 xxxx Hot Hot Hot xxx C

    • Heatwave coming here too, all the way from Canada to Greece! How ’bout that!!!
      Thank you dear C! Lovely to see you speaking about your passions!
      🙂 xxxxx

  19. Mary says:

    Maria this is a lovely spring bouquet, the close-ups are wonderful allowing us to see the overlapping colors and forms. Wonderful presentation here – you’re so talented, excellent marketing.

  20. Dilip says:

    Lovely again Marina. Kind regards.

  21. violetski says:

    Beautiful as always , Marina! Love colors combination , feeling summer in this painting ❤

  22. clinock says:

    Gentle Rorschachs evoking summer beauty…

  23. Meanderer says:

    Gorgeous! There’s a sense of movement in the centre.

  24. The Hook says:

    Serene and beautiful.

  25. frizztext says:

    and if you join the google map at
    you would be the only Greek artist there!

  26. Ese' s Voice says:

    Something…earthy, yet uplifting and joyful. I enjoy the way you play with colors, Marina. 🙂

  27. This is very nice. I see a boy in the center of it. I know it was not painted in, but I do see him carrying something on a stick.

  28. Anonymous says:

    The close ups are wonderful additions Marina!

  29. deCamville Design says:

    Marina – this bouquet is just gorgeous!!!!!!!! I love how you are showing all of the purchase options (I might copy your great idea) 🙂 I especially love your details and could easily frame the top one alone as its own art – those shades of green and orange are so happy! ~xoxo!

    • So happy you like it, Patricia!!! It’s a funny thing with details, isn’t it?! As I said to Frank, it feels like revealing little secrets! Thank you so much, my dear! Have a wonderfully creative day. Oh,… and be my guest!
      🙂 xxxx

  30. Your views in the frames work. Do you have a local gallery that people can visit? Your work is truly lovely Marina.

  31. fgassette says:

    Another beauty Marina. This one reminds me of fresh fruit in the summertime.


  32. aFrankAngle says:

    As always, the closeups reveal more than meets the eye!

  33. anantha says:

    absolutely creative !!

  34. Francina says:

    beautiful , Marina.. I like the colour combination as well feels like summer,
    have a wonderful day!!!!!!! xxxxx

  35. Arielle says:

    J’aime ce mélange de tons, c’est superbe Marina !!!

  36. Nawfal says:

    Beautiful, Marina! I love this piece.

  37. Oh dear your paintings just touched my heart and freshen my mood….
    I think i should give you something as a friend
    take a huge and lovely hug from me 🙂
    love you !!!!!!!

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