Stray Animals Day

April 4 is

Stray Animals Day


For more information visit Stray Animals Day official page here:

S T R A Y   A N I M A L S   D A Y


Please Share! They deserve our thoughts and compassion…

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    • Oh, thank you, Madhu, but I really haven’t done anything. The people who are out there actually helping the animals are truly admirable and I am thankful that they do what they do…

  1. Our dog is an older rescue and she is the most devoted pet! I just get so sad when I think of the neglect she experienced prior to coming to our home. All of our pets have been rescues from one place or another. You are so compassionate, Marina, and I thank you for sharing this video and the pictures. Even if it’s hard to watch! ox

    • Ah, thank you, Debra and you are too for opening your heart and home to them! As we are also ‘owners’ of a stray dog [now ex-stray!] I am very familiar with that devotion and I think that it is us who are actually more fortunate. I know it’s hard to watch, however the images of those terrified dogs in the hands of their rescuers give hope! 🙂

  2. it’s always so sad to see animals stranded or hurt. We don’t have dogs but we have adopted cats and have 2 darhling one from a rescue shelter. We support them with donations of food, litter, towel and monetary donations. They’re in need of these things for dogs as well. We should begin to realize the animals have feelings too.
    Thank you for helping to make people aware of this. You are a kind soul.
    Happy Weekend, Marina !!!! XD

    • Oh, I know all about your lovely cats and how lucky you both are! What you are doing with them and your donations is so generous and kind, but then I already knew what a heart of gold you have!
      You too have a joyful weekend, my dear Isadora! 🙂 xx

  3. Thanks dear Marina this serves as a good reminder. In the video one feels moved and seeing their forlorn innocent expressions. Thanks and cheers 🙂

  4. How could one not be moved by this condition, in animals and in humans. Every animal in my life, and there have been many, have come from the pound or have simply wandered in the door and stayed. After Mr.B died last year I have been waiting for the next stray to adopt me…this is a needed share Marina, thank you…

    • How come I’m not surprised to hear about them wandering in and staying with you! I am sorry about Mr.B and I do wish you get adopted again soon, my friend. [well said!] 😉

  5. Marina, I have shared on Google Plus..

    I can not bring myself to watch the Video just in case it sets me going again… I have already cried 3 times this morning LOL.. visiting various poignant posts over animals and humans…

    Wishing you a Blessed Weekend, and THANK you for bringing awareness to our fourlegged friends plights… Much Love dear Mariana… You have a wonderful Heart.. xxx Hugs Sue xox

    • I was certain I had answered, but it seems that I am starting to get memory lapses! 🙄
      Thank you for sharing this. I know what you mean, not a day goes by without some ‘human kindness’ showing up one way or another… Born an optimist though, I like to think that more and more people care. Beautiful people like you! Weekend is nearly over so I wish you a wonderful week ahead, my dear Sue! Hugs! 🙂 xxxx

      • Thank you Marina, and maybe you did answer on the reblog on google I did.. LOL.. And you are far from on your own at memory lapses LOL.. 🙂 You too Enjoy a Wonderful week ahead.. 🙂 xxxx Hugs back Sue xox

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