Johannes Brahms – Tragic Overture op.81

Σωκράτης Παπαχατζής / Socratis Papahatzis

Johannes Brahms
Tragic Overture op.81

Berliner Philharmoniker
Rudolf Kempe
Studio recording, Berlin, 19-23.I.1960

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14 Responses to “Johannes Brahms – Tragic Overture op.81”
  1. Excellent. Johannes shows promise. I suspect he’s been listening to MK-O, and that may have inspired him… : )

  2. A terrific piece of music. Thanks for sharing it here:)

  3. I could not live without Music in my life.. It touches ever part of my soul.. ❤

  4. aFrankAngle says:

    Love the way orchestral music tells a story through the music’s tones and moods. Composers are painters with a different medium.

  5. Resa says:

    Excellent! 😀 Hugs to you and all composers & creatives!

    • xxxxxxxxx to you, my sweet friend!
      My husband has just started a new blog [] where he’ll be publishing his articles and a selection of music he’s listening to. I think their really worth sharing [not just because I’m biased! 😉 ] xxxxxx

  6. Rajagopal says:

    I have not heard Johann Brahms before, thus enjoyed the presentation here combining boisterous laughter and tones of wailing in a highly structured orchestration that closes on an upbeat shattering note. Thanks Marina for bringing this piece that made enjoyable listening. Why don’t you clip one of your own songs?

    • I’m glad you enjoyed Johannes Brahms, a great classical composer, reblogged from my husband’s blog- and a very dear piece to both. As for songs by our band [MK-O: Marina Kanavaki + Oannes (Socratis Papahatzis)] you may find here: as well as under the category: ‘Music’, here at my blog where I intend to upload more in due time. Thank you very much for your interest! I do hope you enjoy our music too. 🙂

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