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So, my dear friends, amidst summer vacations, heatwaves, an almost quiet city and …fires [the latter is thankfully under control], I am trying to complete the changes here at WordPress and renew my Art Shop at Society6 which has now many products added. Meantime there are a few things I would like to share with you all.

You may have already noticed the changes at this page. To make your navigation slightly easier, here are a few words about my new look.

Starting from the menu bar, there are 8 columns / bars / themes:

1. “A•T•A•H•D” [Art Towards A Happy Day]

By clicking on “A•T•A•H•D” you will be taken to a page with a few words about me, my bio.
Under “A•T•A•H•D” you’ll find various posts, like this one, about changes, breaks, wishes etc

2. Second column is my “Paintings”

Scrolling down this column you’ll see paintings I’ve posted, most of them from exhibitions. Acrylics – oils or mixed media.

3. Third column is my watercolours or else: “Maraqua

Eventhough these are [or this is how I consider them to be] paintings also, I created a separate column for them merely for practical reasons. It was getting too crammed!
My watercolor series are also listed there. By clicking the arrow next to the title, for example “As Above So Below”, you’ll see all the “As Above So Below” paintings I’ve done so far.

4. “Concepts & Design” is the fourth column.

Here are projects I’ve done – illustrations or commissions on specific themes. For example all my “Months” [or Numbers] project is listed here.

All my paintings are available in art prints, framed or canvas prints in museum quality @ Imagekind

5. Fifth column is “MarWorks”

One thing I love to do is design various items using my paintings and Society 6 was the perfect place for me to unleash that part of my creativity. So this is a column with posts on these items. I have also listed here some of my wax work [guess what the name of that activity was: MarWax! 😉 ]. Wax gave me the opportunity to create objects that I otherwise couldn’t have. Beautiful medium and I enjoyed every moment of it.

My Society6 world and Art Shop is here: @Society6

6. “Music” is my sixth column

header mk-o for mk
Many of you already know I am also a musician, so eventhough my musical life already has a site of its own [www.mk-o.com], it would be unfair leaving it out. This column is about music we do with Oannes [our band name: MK-O= Marina Kanavaki – Oannes], duet in music and life, but there’s also music I am listening to listed here.

7. A new column I added is: “Collabs”

For a long time I wanted to find a way to pay homage and thank all my friends with whom one way or another we coexisted or inspired each other. Collaborations or simple kind mentions. This column is dedicated to them.

8. Final column is about “Animal Rights”

I’m sure most of you have noticed one way or another, my active concerns on animal rights, mistreatment etc. Here I post about issues concerning animal rights and also designs I do from time to time to raise awareness on those issues, for example animal testing.

Leaving the menu…

The posts appear by date in a puzzle-like form. Hover over any image to see the title and click on it to go to the post.

Last and by no means least is a great new addition:

9. “Testimonials”

This is where all you kind people have a say! And this is when I would encourage – ask – plead – beg!… okay, you get the message, any of you who have purchased*, seen up close or simply want to make an evaluation of my work, to write about it! I’ll have your photo and text below, along with a link to your sites of course. It would help me improve my work and well, I’d be very very grateful Even a phrase will do! Please email me: anmar.graphic.art@gmail.com

*Unfortunately I have no way of knowing who purchases at my Art Shop, so if any of you -anytime in the past- have done so, I would love to hear from you and thank you personally.

In other news, I have just started an Instagram account to be able to share more of my work and products and would be so happy to see you all there too.
Just click here: marina @ Instagram, follow and expect a follow back right after!  😉
As a reminder, you can also find me:
@ Facebook 
@ Twitter
@ Linkedin
where there’s lots more to see, I promise!  😉

I’d love to see you all there too!

To sum up, did I just ask all you good friends to navigate through my pages, then follow me on Instagram – FB – TW and Linkedin and finally write a testimonial? I think I did… Next post I shall be asking you to do some shoveling!!!!!! Joking – Scout’s honour! But if any of you, or even all of you kind people decide to do any or all of the above, you’ll be granted with extra smiles*, the great crown of kindness and eternal gratitude!

*Okay, smiles you all get anyway! It’s an ongoing bonus of this site!  😉

So, in the words of captain Jean-Luc Picard:


and hey,
weekend is almost here,
enjoy and get ready for the Great American Total Solar Eclipse on Monday on a New Moon!

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  1. Later than normal for me to arrive, but better late than normal. Great new design around your passions. I look forward cruising around to see what you’ve done. After all, it’s been awhile since I’ve encountered the Marina swoosh. Always love the combination of your colors and designs. Hope all is well.

  2. Your art always sparks a light in my heart. I miss your work my friend.

    I think I’ve told you this before or didn’t. I see your art work being used for a big musical rock group. Maybe the band muse? or Nine Inch Nails.

    You are such genius artist. 🙂

    • Me too, Charlie! Been a long time, hasn’t it?! Can’t wait for your new creations!
      Ah, yes! would you put a word for me to Trent?! 😉 That’d be nice! 🙂 !!!!!

      • In 3 days my friend…I’ll be posting. 🙂

        I wish I’d knew Trent…if I did, then of course I’ll put in a good word for you. 🙂 I’ve always loved your work and thank you Marina for you being you. 🙂

  3. So impressed by how organized you are Marina. You have created a wonderful site that will be a joy to spend time exploring and you’ve inspired me to follow your example. Congratulations and warmest wishes…Andrew

    • Oh, my, what a compliment! I can get very messy as an artist, so focusing on organization from time to time is essential! Thank you, my dear Andrew and happy to see you @ Instagram too! 🙂

  4. Marina, I am looking forward to all the beautiful smiles which your creative heart brings alive within! You are one of a kind, and special to us all. Thanks for always blessing my life with your selfless and kind heart! Love you my sister…God bless!

    • Oh, likewise, my dear Wendell and it’s always so nice seeing you here. Thank you for the love and kindness and I also look forward for your poetic creations. God bless you too, my friend!

  5. Wow.. Marina, I am going to love exploring all of your A•T•A•H•D 🙂 and love every minute of it.. Love your new Look. and after this next couple of days I will be back exploring more… I will be going off line a couple of days.. So see you when I get back 🙂

  6. Good grief, you have gone where angels fear to tread – rejigged your established WordPress format. I dare not with mine though I have often considered it… And can I now get personal advice here, I see – I note from the header ad that I may need shampoo for dandruff & greasy hair! Good luck with the new format. RH

    • Considering that I’ve been thinking about doing it for over a year…. My search through all those templates and then adapting them to my content really was a dive in the ocean! Maaaaaaany hours, many trials and there are still things that need fixing! As for the shampoo… that is under consideration [not the shampoo – the ads 😉 ]. I thought I’d give WordAds a try for a while but I doubt I’ll be keeping it for too long as the customization is minimal and if I could I would definitely eradicate the ones above my menu and the ones on top of my right sidebar! Thanks for navigating RH and if you ever need words of comfort and courage or even advice, to work on yours, I’ll be happy to provide them! 🙂 Meantime, enjoy the eclipse today [lucky you!] 🙂

  7. Oh wow Marina, you’ve really being doing a lot of work here behind the scenes! Now we see it all, from the lovely new site design to the menu items and the animal-related causes. Bring on the art and love!! ❤

  8. LOVE the new layout!!!!! It’s really crisp and clean real easy to navigate. Great presentation! Looking forward to seeing more of your art. Enjoy your weekend my friend. 🙂

    • Ah, Terry, that’s so good to hear! Thank you, my friend! You too have a beautiful weekend [well, Sunday at least!] and enjoy The Eclipse Tomorrow, I think you get to see 81% – Maximum at 2:31:50 pm 😉

  9. Everything looks marvelous here, and navigation is perfectly intuitive!
    Marina, I must say that I am very honored to hold 3 spots in your Colab Page.
    I’m looking to some fab months ahead, for both of us!!! 😀 xxxooxx

  10. Excellent, Marina. I love the changes, it’s as if it’s another layer of you. Multifaceted talented, caring, and oh so clever you, my friend. xxxxx♡xxxxx

    • Awww… Penny all those compliments – all in one phrase! Thank you so much my sweet kind friend [especially for the “caring’]. So pleased you like my changes. Sending you hugs and many many xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • As an artist I get pretty messy, so it’s imperative that I ‘tidy up’ from time to time! 😉 Positive comments like yours are very reassuring, as I do wonder whether my organization actually makes sense! Thank you YS! 🙂

  11. It looks absolutely stunning, Marina!
    I found you on Instagram, you are followed. 🙂
    Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead,
    Dina & co x

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