Tree Inside [the home series]

Well, indeed, the “Home series 😷”!
Created from the days of the corona.
Browsing old photos.
I was actually looking for this one and was very glad when I found it.
This hollow tree has so many stories to tell…
Just look inside…
Oh, and guess what’s playing:



Simple Minds


In Dark Trees

Brian Eno


The Memory of Trees



Be Safe, Everyone!


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  1. These photos are absolutely stunning, Marina! Is there no end to your talent?
    Wonderful musical choices as well.

  2. Cool post, Marina. Here we all are, in our rooms, alone, together.
    The Simple Minds song is my fave piece by them.
    I forgot how much I like Brian Eno.
    Listening to the instrumental, now.
    Ah, so inside the home will be a series…. like an Earth Nerve Net, but a home net that we are all equally caught in.
    Take care my friend! Love to you, H & S!

    • …in our rooms, but together, as we all are part of earth’s nerve net. Empires & Dance and Sons & Fascination were my favorite albums of SM.
      You too take care, my sweet friend
      much much love to you and J&J&N
      tail wags and doggy kisses from H!

        • Well, your photographs are ‘real’ photography. So, if I wanted to define great photography, I’d direct anyone to your brilliant photos! Mine are full of flaws. So, I’d say that ‘real’ photography involves talent – technique and in most cases a decent camera [you possess all 3 and then some!]. I certainly lack 2 of those, and on talent, I’m not sure either. I use anything I can record images I see [phone or camera], not paying attention though on the ‘how’. Just my frame.

          • Thank you very much. Here’s the thing: you have an eye. That is talent. Technique is something that can be learned with practice, as with any skill. As far as camera gear goes, the best camera is the one you have with you. An interchangeable lens camera, whether a DSLR or mirrorless, gives you more control. But what makes you a real photographer is your eye. You see things in a unique way and you seek to communicate them in the way you see them. These aren’t just snapshots. If you want to pursue photography the way you pursue painting and music, the door is wide open.

  3. You reminded me of this quote: β€œYou are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars. In the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul.” Max Ehrmann

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