D.S.T. [Dreaded Summer Time]

Well, no subtlety here.
It’s the time of year we are deprived of one hour.
Last Sunday of every March our clocks go forward one hour.
I realize some of my friends like this change as it gets dark later… but I don’t! For one, I don’t appreciate the change. Anyway, since the EU citizens [me included] decided that they don’t like the change, even if they pick DST as the regular one, I wish they’d get on with it.
However, instead of whining about it, I’ll focus on Vangelis’ Birthday today [after Oannes post]

DST or The Lost Hour

My design version of DST – on art print – canvas, framed or on various every day objects… for those who wish to be reminded! 😉
Check it out here


On with the Birthday man:


Chung Kuo

from China [1979]
My autographed vinyl! 😉


Losing Sleep

v. Paul Young
from Voices [1995]


Remember to enjoy life
even with one hour less for one day!
Be Safe 🏡

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  1. So here’s the thing… they cannot change the number of dark hours in a 24-hour cycle no matter how much they play around with the clock. So let yourself get up early and enjoy the extra hour of darkness before dawn!

  2. An hour is “borrowed” for 6 months before being paid back. BUT WITHOUT INTEREST! But looking on the bright side, I guess you’ve already had an extra DAY this year 😉

  3. Clock artwork to remind us…very nice! Many nighttime workers have to work an extra hour if they begin work before 2am! And not to rob us of our reasonable moment of angst…in 1752 Britain and all her colonies lost 11 days due to finally converting to the Gregorian calendar. People went to bed on September 2nd and woke up to September 14th! How do I know about this? I read it in a novel, not a history book 🙂

    • Hi Helen, happy to hear you love this change. I obviously can’t share your enthusiasm on this change but I definitely can on the coming of Spring! So, here’s to Spring! 🙂

  4. In the US it happened three weeks ago and much too early. Suddenly we were once again waking up in the dark and I was not amused. They are really wrong -footed about some things here. I’ve been unpleasantly surprised by a few things since we moved here. 😱

    • Canada and the US are on the same daylight savings time schedule, but there are rumblings that there may be changed. Right now, Yukon, most of Saskatchewan, some locations in Québec east of 63° westerly longitude (e.g. Blanc-Sablon), Southampton Island, and some areas in British Columbia don’t use DST and stay on standard time all year.

      • Which I find to be a normal thing to do… exactly as it used to be before some heads decided to change it! Still even if they decided to keep DST I wouldn’t mind, as long as we don’t have to go through this change. Research has shown that it negatively affects people especially over 50s, physically. Anyway, there are far worse things than this, so… we’ll get used to it! 😉

    • Boy, that’s early!!!!!! And I thought ours was early! 🤔😳 Anyway, eventhough I don’t like DST, I wouldn’t mind having it throughout the year,as long as we didn’t have to change! Oh, well….

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