Roger Corman’s B-Day: Music from The Little Shop of Horrors [reblog]

from Oannes blog…
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Σαν σήμερα, 5 Απριλίου 1926 γεννήθηκε στο Detroit του Michigan ο Roger Corman, βασιλιάς των low-budget films, πρωτοπόρος της ανεξάρτητης κινηματογραφίας και μέντορας σκηνοθετών όπως ο Francis Ford Copolla, ο Ron Howard και ο Martin Scorsese. “Μεγάλωσα” με ταινίες του Corman [με το φοβερό κύκλο των ιστοριών του Πόε, με πρωταγωνιστή τον Vincent Price, διάφορα cult sci-fi films του τύπου The Wasp Woman, The Attack Of The Crab Monsters, War Of The Satellites, κλπ.]. Ο Roger Corman ζει ακόμα, είναι 94 χρόνων. Ακούμε αποσπάσματα απο την μουσική που έχγραψε για την κωμωδία τρόμου The Little Shop Of Horrors [1960] ο ιδιοφυής Fred Katz, συνθέτης και τσελίστας, ο άνθρωπος που εισήγαγε το τσέλο στον κόσμο της jazz…


On this date, April 5, 1926, in Detroit, Michigan, Roger Corman was born, the king of low-budget films, pioneer of independent cinema and mentor of directors such as Francis Ford Copolla, Ron Howard and Martin Scorsese. I grew up with Roger Corman’ s films [the awesome E. A. Poe cycle with Vincent Price, cult sci-fi classics like The Wasp Woman, The Attack Of The Crab Monsters, War Of The Satellites, etc.]. Roger Corman is still alive and well at 94. He hear excerpts from the music for the horror comedy The Little Shop Of Horrors [1960], by the brilliant Fred Katz, composer and cellist, the man who introduced the cello to the world of jazz…

Happy Birthday, R.C.!

Stay Safe!🏡

More about these reblogs

Lately I have been rebloging music videos from Oannes new blog. For my friends who didn’t know, or wonder why…. Oannes [aka Socratis Papahatzis] is my husband, partner in life and music and the one with my undying admiration. Together we have a band MK-O [the music of Marina Kanavaki & Oannes]. So, it’s my pleasure to share with you his [and mine] musical selections. Although here I reblog mainly his musical selections, he writes exceptional articles on various topics [some may need translation], so do visit his site. He has my highest recommendation!

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