Looking Out or Looking In

Though we’re not prisoners,
a tiny entity holds us
as a way to fight it,
or does it?
Where do we focus?
or do we see the full picture?
Whatever the picture though
look for good…
So am I looking in or am I looking out?
…and does it really matter?

My Body Is A Cage

Peter Gabriel
Written by Win Butler, Will Butler, Jeremy Gara, Richard Reed Parry, Régine Chassagne, Tim Kingsbury [Arcade Fire]

But my mind holds the key

So remember that, whenever you feel constrained…
freedom is in the mind
and smile:

Outside Now

Frank Zappa
From Broadway The Hard Way

Be Safe, Everyone! 🏡

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  1. Hmmm, perhaps you/we are looking inside out.
    All of the windows along the back of our apartment have bars, but there’s only an alley, graffiti, squirrels and raccoons to look out at! Still, I stare.
    Great post, Marina. I’ll be back to listen to the music. I’m listening to Haydn (Oannes) right now!

    • A bit of a cheat… it’s actually outside looking in as we walk with Hera cross this beautiful fenced land where we sometimes go in and I let her run free. But now, the grass is so high, it’s not a great idea letting her in! [of course she thinks otherwise!]

  2. Beautiful photo’s and verse , dear Marina, thought pondering questions. It’s all in the perspective of how we look at things where we might find the answers, I think. Have a lovely day, my dear friend. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. The shifting perspectives show us how many ways there are to look at or for something – love the last one especially. How appropriate to find a Judas tree (aka Forest Pansy; Red bud tree). Proper name – Cercis – You will recognise its Greek origins κερκις (kerkis)

    And since you are so musical, have you heard Mark Knopfler’s Redbud Tree’?

    • Oh, Laura, thank you so much! That’s my fave too [and 3 – same perspective 😉 ]. These trees are everywhere at this time, so thankfully I can see them on my limited doggy walks round our home. You know how sometimes you do things but don’t realize why… well, this is exactly how this worked. I see these trees every day but today [yesterday] I decided to photograph it and post it. I did realize it is Judas tree, right after I posted! 😉
      Thank you for the song. I hadn’t heard it before. Not being a dire fan, I hadn’t heard many of his songs and I’m so glad you pointed this out, as it’s so sweet and beautiful.

  4. Beautiful photos, wonderful thoughts and questions in verse, Marina. Do you remember “Inside Looking Out” by then Animals and the cover of it by Grand Funk Railroad?

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