Resa and The Cheetah Girls [reblog]

Proud and overjoyed to reblog Holly’s post with our one and only Resa, interviewed by Gemma Mondéjar! ENJOY!!!!!

House of Heart


In January I discovered that our amazing Fashionista Resa McConaghy was soon to be interviewed by Gemma Mondéjar with the fabulous “Escribe La Moda”. To my delight the interview has taken place and can be read it in its entirety below. I apologize for not including the Spanish version of the interview but I was pressed for space. Read it all you Resa McConaghy fans and enjoy! Congratulations dear Resa, you are fantastic.

The Most Popular Word of 2014: Heart Emoji | HYPEBEAST

Cause we are sisters, we stand together…It’s hard to read it without singing it, isn’t it? This is not the first time we talk about Disney productions (nor will it be the last), but the occasion deserves it. Aesthetically, Disney Channel movies are very well crafted, although we have to admit that there is one that stands out from all the others:

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  1. Uh… what’s a Cheetah Girl? Has it got something to do with genetic engineering?? No, don’t tell me, I don’t wanna know… 😱 💦

    Wow! Resa is a total powerhouse!! Being naturally glamorous myself, I haven’t paid much attention to fashion. Thanks for expanding my horizons, as usual, my dear Marina!! 👗 👘 👚 👕 👔 👙 😳 😊

    • “Total Powerhouse” is right! She is pure talent! Thank YOU, my dear friend and I do hope you visit her, she’s a treasure!!!
      Ambrosia on the way!!!!!

  2. Crazy! After all the shows I did, this one remains one of the most popular, if not the most popular!
    Love you, Marina!

    • You can never know which of your children will ‘do better’. Imho ALL your children should thrive and be popular because you are one of a kind, my super talented friend. I’m so very proud of you!
      Love you love you too! xoxoxoxoxoxo

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