Nichelle Nichols : Beyond Antares [reblog]

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Ένα έξοχο τραγούδι των Wilbur Hatrch & Gene L. Coon, σε εντελώς επαγγελματική ερμηνεία από την πολυτάλαντη Nichelle Nichols, περισσότερο γνωστή ως Lieutenant Uhura του USS Enterprise.
Από το επεισόδιο του Star Trek, ‘The Conscience OF The King’.

A splendid song, written by Wilbur Hatch & Gene L. Coon, in a full professional performance by the multi – talended Nichelle Nichols, better known as Lieutenant Uhura of the USS Enterprise.
From the Star Trek episode ‘The Conscience Of The King‘.


❝The skies are green and glowing
Where my heart is, where my heart is
Where the scented lunar flower is blooming
Somewhere, beyond the stars
Beyond Antares
I’ll be back, though it takes forever
Forever is just a day
Forever is just another journey
Tomorrow a stop along the way
Then let the years go fading
Where my heart is, where my heart is
Where my love eternally is waiting
Somewhere, beyond the stars
Beyond Antares ❞



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