Spring Rhapsody [reblog]

I was wrong, Spring did not come on the 20th….
I give you the real Spring!
Resa’s Magic Spring!

Art Gowns

Ever dream of making an Art Gown that burst forth from the drab of winter?

Then, it blooms into the brilliance of spring!

Surely that Art Gown would be a flower garden.

Which is why I dedicate  Spring Rhapsody to Amy Rose. Amy takes superlative photos of flowers, and she grows the most beautiful roses. She takes fabulous, magic photos all year long. Yet, her flowers, especially roses are stand out.

Her photography was recently featured on another post focusing on spring. Frank’s Beach Walk Reflections on Spring.

The Making Of:

It all began when a friend sent me about 40 pounds of old fabrics. There was a damask pillow case, that worked with a shiny coppery brown fabric. It seemed a bit earthy coloured for a gown. I thought: earth, garden, Amy’s flowers.

The shiny coppery fabric is odd: rubbery, perhaps used for upholstery, annoying to work with and…

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  1. I am breathless – such a stunning dress! I love that it is this shade of brown – and with all the embellishments, becomes a canvas which you have created such a masterpiece!

    • It really is a stunner, gorgeous and magical!!! I adore Resa’s work. She creates super amazing Art Gowns. I hope you visit her place to see [and admire like me] many more of her creations!

  2. Thank you, dearest AGM Marina! Le sniff!
    You will take Hera out for a special spring walk for me? I’ve cleaned up all the kiss slobbers and have a ton of sponges left!

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