Last Snow & Hiromi

Dawn brought cold clouds with unclear intentions…

It snowed

but only for a short while,

just enough to powder the mountain tops surrounding Athens.

On this day,

March 26, 1979

Japanese jazz composer and pianist

Hiromi Uehara

was born

in Hamamatsu, Japan

We listen to her


This was taken a couple of minutes after the first shot …

something had to be done about it!

Happy weekend ahead!


Stay Safe!

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  1. You know, Gandalf looks simply marvellous in white!
    Wow, Hiromi is outta this world. Thank you for this, Marina!

  2. Gorgeous photos! Fantastic effects, moody sky and Gandalf’s frosted-unfrosted attire. Dawn provides such excellent light. We’re not out of the woods (pun intended) for snow events here…fingers crossed it’s gone for awhile. 🙂 Happy Weekend to you too!

    • Her toothpick like fingers sure are dynamic!!!!! 😉😮!!!
      Awww thank you, Dale. Gandalf is a treat! 😉
      Have a beautiful weekend!!!

      • No kidding!
        Gandalf is the coolest.
        You, too! Here? Calling for rain, rain and more rain with a little snow just for the hell of it! 🤗😘🤗😘

        • He is and he knows it! 😉
          Well, our week began with dusty winds and muddy rain, then Thursday morning it snowed and today it was nice and sunny!
          And our cherry for the week is that tonight we lose one hour to the dreaded DST too!
          Poof… there goes our hour!
          But hey, March is almost gone! 😉

  3. I liked your blogs, they are wonderful, if you do not mind let me follow your blogs and i would be more than happy if you grant me the honor to follow my humble blogs

  4. I love the photos. Gandalf’s hat tree has such great character. Hiromi Uehara is fun to watch and listen to. She’s extraordinary.

    • It was really unexpected. As I was walking, it started snowing, just for a few minutes!
      Yes, the lady sure can play!!!! No wonder Corea was so impressed with her and of course played with her:

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