Another May, on the hill

Remembering my hill

two Mays ago

in full bloom

and perfect clouds

It’s been more than a year, I haven’t visited my favorite hill...

Filothei Hill, in Athens.

An oasis, in the city.

Quiet & beauty.

Happy Monday!

and week ahead!

Stay Safe!

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  1. After long time being locked up people want to go out, it’s too bad, there’s not enough respect to nature and its fragile beauty.
    Your hills with blooms look almost like wildflowers I painted the other day. I love such views, and seeing this in reality would be fantastic.
    Things change, we are in transition, and, hopefully, the good things prevail.
    We are still in lockdown in Ontario, oh well, I haven’t left my place for almost 2 years. Thanks God for backyard where all things bloom and grow.
    Beautiful post! Thanks!

    • You are very fortunate to have a backyard blooming. Living in the city and locked up can be very stressing. Thankfully our lockdown’s lifted.
      I’ve had this happen to me too, on the same hill. I saw a path full of blooms that was a dejavu of one of my (albeit abstract) ‘paths of colors’ painting.
      Thank you, my dear Inese.
      Have a lovely day and weekend ahead.

  2. Looks like a beautiful place to hike, enjoy nature & wonderful views of Athens 👍 Hopefully, the crowds will diminish once the lockdown subsides. Thanks for sharing, dear Marina ~ have a pleasant weekend, my friend 🙏💖

  3. Hi! I really enjoyed this post..

    I am 13 and I was hosting my first ever online baking workshop… If you or anyone you know would be interested, let me know😊 I have given details in my most recent blog posts.. hope to hear from you soon and bye!

  4. Will you go to your hill soon?
    I hope so my dahling!
    WOOF!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
    Getting ready for the return love!

  5. I agree with Tim – we will return to normalcy. It may be in a different form that hopefully includes more compassion for our earth. As Graham said, we will become more appreciative, more intuitive, more creative in our approach to living. I love our virtual walks together, Marina!

    • Oh, I definitely agree about being more appreciative, creative and intuitive in our approach to living, hopefully a little wiser too! 😉 Our virtual walks together mean so much to me! Sending sun rays and hugs across the ocean. 🤗☀️🌻

  6. You are no fool on that hill. Beautiful photos. I love the wildflowers. So beautiful and nice skies.

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