Eyeless in Gaza : Knives Replace Air [Photographs as Memories, 1981] [reblog]

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Επιστροφή σε New Wave τροχιά, με ένα κομμάτι από το κλασικό-με-τον-δικό-του-τρόπο, πρώτο άλμπουμ των Martyn Bates & Peter Becker. Το όνομα του ντουέτου, Eyeless In Gaza είναι δανεισμένο από μυθιστόρημα του Aldus Huxley.

We return to our New Wave orbit with a song from the classic-in-its-own-way debut album by Martyn Bates & Peter Becker. The duo’s name, Eyeless In Gaza, is taken from an Aldus Huxley novel.


❝ Spit on white expanse
fingers stab sunlight
air pinions
dark metal fears
incestuous corrosion
sores fester in subservience
vomit piling in haven of skin
open sores sing aloud
pink face stretched drawn
eyes dance for despair
pale pinpoints of flame
interior whispers
hues shaded tinted
subtle language blurred
dazzled voices
murky daylight shadows
eyes moistening glistening
walls windows are uniform
pulse racing on darkening bleak ambition
knives replace the air
black staggers
ears rushing roaring
embrace in disbelief
battered kisses
discomfiture shallowed
stilled bloated with fears
poisoned with words
riddled with tears and subtle smiles



Stay Safe!

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