Green by the Sea …origin

My paintings rarely derive from something I see, at least intentionally.

However there are times I may try to “translate” something dear to me with my paintbrush.

This was one of those translations.

What I saw:

…and the “translation”:

Green by the Sea

Technique: Watercolour • Original size: 17x17cm • from my watercolor series “Dreamscapes” • 2014 © Marina Kanavaki

Green by the Sea ART PRINT @ Society6

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  1. I like your translation! LOTS!!!!!
    Your art is very special, unique and desirable!
    It’s wonderful that you got an art show in before all the insanity.
    I’d love to have an art show! I wonder if people would like my kind of art?
    Be well, dahling!

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  2. I enjoyed this post immensely, Marina for it opened my eyes to the way you see beauty in our world. I have always been fascinated by how artists translate what they see into a painting that holds creative and emotion nuances. Thank you! Looking forward to more….

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    • Thank you so much, my dearest Rebecca. It was interesting for me too as I rarely paint something I see and when I do, I’m not really interested in reproducing the beauty but rather painting my perception of it. So happy you enjoyed it! Many hugs your way!

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  3. Lovely soft paintings, Marina. I didn’t do much watercolour painting, although my wife was excellent! She stopped some years ago and I’ve never been able to enthuse her to start up again! I will just have to trick her by taking her to one of the printing courses I hope to begin later this year! I want to illustrate some of my writing (I hope I still can)!

    I’m sure you will be glad to see some greenery return to Greece in the next months. 💐💐🙋‍♂️

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    • Ah, thank you, Ashley! Printing courses sound wonderful and a great enticement however, art works in mysterious ways. You never know what will start off the fire! 😉 So keep your hopes high!
      Yes, greens are coming back!

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