Character No17

Revisiting paintings towards a more organized site and …a happy day! 😉

character#17©marina kanavaki

detail 1

character17 det1©Marina Kanavaki

detail 2

character17 det2©Marina Kanavaki

detail 3

character17 det3©Marina Kanavaki

Character #17

Technique: Ink on paper

Original size: 12x21cm

Character #17 © from M.K. solo exhibition in 1999 at Epohes Gallery: “CHARACTERS

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character #17 framed

[museum quality printing and framing]

original post 15.05.2013 • 11:33


If you wish to know more about the painting [concept, price & availability] or if you see something you like that has sold, I am happy to paint something similar as a commission, please get in touch at
My paintings are also available on art prints – framed or on canvas at Imagekind and specially designed on various everyday products at Society6[US] / Society6[Europe]


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    • Ah, Laura that means so much to me. I am a huge fan of old Japanese art. The perfect simplicity of their lines. I’m just painting faces trying to capture their essence. Ah, that red dot… I have to add a note somewhere explaining it. It is on paintings that were sold just like at the galleries (over here) when a painting is sold or reserved, there is a red dot next to it. 😘

  1. How did I miss this, Marina? Or did we not know each other back then? Anyway, incredible sketch and so dramatic. I admire your talent, my friend. Sending hugs! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Ah! I think I recognize that expression– it’s the look of someone who goes to an exhibit and is chagrined to find there aren’t any works by the great Marina Kanavaki! Probably because they were all snapped up fast by discriminating art buyers… : )

    Don’t think I’ve seen any of your B&W work before, Marina– it’s a stunner! : )

    • 😆 !!!!!!
      This was actually one of the “snapped”!!! 😆
      …and the look you are referring to was probably mine on the day people came to pick up their paintings! Tough moment for an artist, really!
      Thank you so much, Mark, you made my day!!!
      Happy Wednesday!

  3. There is a phrase–actually two phrases or sayings for poets and artists. The first is “Good poets borrow. Great poets steal.” The other holds for artists in general. “It’s not where you take things from–it’s where you take them to.” Is that something that you might be interested in looking into? A graphic could be used. I like you work very much and I know artists and poets might be interested in something like that–depending on costsd etc. >KB my email is

    • Well… I think that our inner “austerity orders” are much worst. Humanity has been through worst periods of poverty / hunger. Today our enemy is luck of principles and luck of respect towards everything. So, NO, we’re not defeated [yet] or oppressed, however hard they try [and they do try their best]

  4. to me its delicate and effusive with a secret language ~ is this for sale dear? you’re quite a genius in your art! You have been discovered, right?

    • I love your interpretation, Deborah!
      This one was sold at the exhibition back in 1999, which went well, considering. As for “being discovered” the mere fact that people like you express their “liking” here in the blogosphere and a few who have seen my work in real life and appreciate it, is “discovery” enough for me! Thank you very much for your appreciation! Means a lot!

  5. Hi Marina , you are a gifted artist.There is many interpretations for these black and white drawings.,they are unique.Thank you for liking my post ( In a Day In a Month…….) Best regards.jalal

  6. What an interesting character! Very nice and quite creative, Marina. My eyes keep switching between two different faces and facial expressions. One is a profile (the right half of the image), and the other expression is facing me (the entire image). Very clever is this was the intent. If not, then my eyes must be playing with me.
    Awesome image either way! 🙂

    • 🙂 Thank you, my dear Fergie! As I was saying to Francine, some things appear after the work is done. The second face wasn’t planned but it makes perfect sense on this troubled character! So, no, your eyes are not playing with you!

  7. I see so much in this beautiful work of art. Depending on the angle I view it I see a face or a bird. STUNNING!


    • Many times when we create, we’re not conscious of some elements that may appear in the finished piece. In this case, the bird… Thank you for spotting it and for your kindness, Francine!

  8. Marina, I love it! So vibrant and full of energy and life! I love the black and white, and the motion – I can practically feel your arm ‘swooshing’ across the paper! 🙂 ~xxxxxx

    • Truth is I has moving quite forcefully!!
      [many of that series never survived the battle!]
      I’m so happy you like it, Patricia!
      Happy Wednesday!
      🙂 xxxxxx

  9. Amazing. I’ve always loved your “Character” series. And these details stand so well on their own as beautiful abstracts that remind me of Robert Motherwell and Franz Kline. Well done.

  10. Oh, I love this, Marina. I see how you make one face look like two, or the two like one…brilliant work!. 🙂
    Have a nice Wednesday! 🙂

  11. Well done …. In one way, surprising because it seems to be so different that what we normally see here. On the other hand, it still exhibits your style.

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