Crack of Dawn for Johann & Joseph


Let the Light* in!

*in the form of music!

Dedicated to




who’s birthdays are today,

March 31st

Previous tributes:

[click on the photos to view them]

Bach [JS]

Bach & Haydn

Johann Sebastian Bach B-Day Tribute! by Oannes

Johann Sebastian Bach

Flute Sonata in E-Flat Major, BWV 1031 – II. Siciliano (Arr. Kempff for Piano)
Wilhelm Kempff, piano


Joseph Haydn

Fantasia in C, H.XVII No.4
Alfred Brendel, piano


39 replies »

  1. Wow! That really is a crack of dawn!
    And Wow these 2 pieces could not be more different.
    Enjoyed both!
    Thank you, dahling! Heading to Oannes for more!

  2. last day of March and snow has returned here so thank you for the music on this auspicous day of birthdays – I confess I played both pieces together and although Haydn dominated with his upbeat Fantasia, Back found his way beautifully into the pauses!

  3. Beautiful!!
    You should have put the Haydn first! I was all relaxed after the Bach 😉
    And today is my eldest’s birthday. He’s 24 🙂

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