Camberwell Now : The Ghost Trade [1986] [reblog]

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Το βρετανικό σχήμα Camberwell Now, περιλαμβάνον στις τάξεις του τον multi-instrumentalist Charles Hayward των This Heat, μπορεί να θεωρηθεί ένα είδος συνέχειας τους. Το όνομά τους είναι αυτό της λονδρέζικης συνοικίας – τόπου καταγωγής των πρωτοπόρων των late ’70s – early ’80s.
Από το μοναδικό στούντιο άλμπουμ των Camberwell Now [1986] ακούμε το ομώνυμο κομμάτι, μια ακόμα σπουδαία συνεισφορά του stcigar στο τρέχον αφιέρωμα. Οι στίχοι μιλούν για ένα άλλο είδος φαντάσματος, εφιαλτικά ορατού σε όλους στς μέρες μας.

The British outfit Camberwell Now, including multi-instrumentalist Charles Hayward of This Heat, can be considered a kind of their extension. Their name is that of the London district – birthplace of the late ’70s – early ’80s pioneers.
From the only studio album Camberwell Now released in 1986 we hear the title track, another great stcigar’s contribution to the current tribute. The lyrics speak about a different kind of ghost, nightmarishly visible to everyone nowadays.


❝ We can only blame ourselves for this sickly Ghost Trade
Action turns to gesture, ideas are soon clichéd
Man is but a hat and coat, woman becomes torso
Conveyor-belt of shadows of our former selves
Nothing is quite what it seems
We never say what we mean
No strings attached, we stand or fall left to our own devices
We live our lives all dressed up in Emperor’s new clothes
Vectors of pockets and stomachs
Vistas of pain and sorrow
Handfuls of poison and money
Exchange and martyr
This life is hard, this life is cruel
Childhood – occupied zone
In this war of material
I am a cog
We are a wheel
Toeing the party line
Keeping the faith
There’s no reason to despair
We are only building upon thin air
Keeping the faith
There’s no reason to despair
We are only building upon thin air
Empire-State-Building-Society ❞


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