Another March

A scarlet sunrise • One more sunrise …with a feathered guest • A …romantic dog [guess who!] • A bokeh sun and leaves • A network of branches budding • A rainbow between the trees [a double one actually] and • An almost Full Moon

All this from a March a few years back…

Happy Monday and week ahead!

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    • I should hand in my resignation! Mother Nature is so abundant in her beauty, I can’t catch up with her!!!!!! 😉
      However, Zeus ordered a special of ambrosia just for your kindness!!!!

  1. You have a wonderful way to bring out the sunshine. Spectacular photography, Marina. Sorry I am late to this party. Just came back from a family reunion that celebrated my mother’s 92nd birthday. Sending hugs.

  2. Oh wow, Marina, this is a stunningly gorgeous collection of nature’s beauty and your lovely Hera! I adore sunrises, sunsets, and cloud formations! By the way, I saw a dog the other day that looked just like Hera. I thought of her immediately.
    Sending hugs, dear friend! ❤️☀️🌞🐕🐾❤️

  3. A celebration of spring, if I ever saw one.
    Terrific display of earth’s riches, Marina.
    Although…. you know who, richer than rich, steals the show.


    • Hera, of course!!!! 👑🐾
      These were all taken March 2018.
      Seeing time flying off so fast, I felt like time traveling! All seemed so much nicer then.
      You should get your swim suit out though because someone’s uncontrollable over here!!!!!

      • It was nicer then.
        Still, the artists will paint, and musicians will make music, and so creativity will endure.
        I recognized most of the Hera pics.
        Ride the wild surf with Hera!

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