rescue a friend…

a little sketch for my rescue dog!

Please click on the photo below

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  1. we’ll never forget the street dogs who followed us in Greece – we gave corned beef and thuna fish – and they made the guard before our bedroom door – and then we had to weep and cry leaving with an airplane …

      • congrats to your princess, that you’ve found him!
        also the cats in Greece touched our heart;
        ours was found under a car in Italy and brought to us;
        we are happy about that…
        friends of us adopted a Greek dog:
        D = Dog (ignoring cats)

        • Congrats to you too and your friend!!!!
          I personally don’t mind stray dogs and cats. There are always people who will feed and take care of them, but ever since the olympics there’s been a “hype” to “clear” the streets from strays and shelters are becoming crowded. Anyway, it’s a long argument… I’m just glad there are many people like us who care! Thank you for the beautiful photo of Emily! She is beautiful! And so is your amazing [regal!] cat!!!

    • Thank you, Violet! If someone wants an animal companion, I think it’s a great idea to adopt one from shelters rather than go to pet shops or puppy mills…

      • I’m agree with you Marina!
        In fact,when I was in Qatar(we lived there for 3 years) I found my cat,only 2weeks old I think, so skinny,weak,laid down without any movement…we thought he is dead and I touch him and could hear small .weak voice so we looked for his mum but couldn’t find her since that place was beside main road ,full of passing cars and not a plce for cats to live(I think he was thrown away)…anyway,took him at home and tooke care of him.After 2 weeks he became strong kitten,started to playing….
        When we wanted to return our country we took him with ourself since he is one of our family!! (although the inspections and registration was so hard!!!)
        Now he is 7 years old ,he is an handsome boy! and we are so happy to have him beside❤

  2. Aw, rescue dogs make the very best pets. They’re so appreciative of their new life.
    Cute drawing, Marina. I like the movement in it…like it dashed to that spot. 🙂

  3. Marina, do the smears on your picture represent time flying because you have so much fun with your dog?

    We have a rescue dog too. Although we tend to think of her as our two year old little hairy person–smart and loving!

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