the fortune tree [part 5]

Happy 1st of October!

The season is… “Fortune”!
I just realized that today is my 2nd blogiversary …how time flies! 😉

Fortune Tree 5/5

detail 1

fortune tree#5 det1 ©Marina Kanavaki

detail 2

fortune tree#5 det2 ©Marina Kanavaki

detail 3

fortune tree#5 det3 ©Marina Kanavaki

Technique: Watercolour

Original size: 20x29cm

Part of 5 paintings / stages of “marina’s fortune tree“2011 © marina kanavaki

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fortune tree all5©marina kanavaki

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  1. Beautiful, Marina! A season of fortune sounds wonderful!!
    Happy, Happy 2nd blogiversary! I wish you more blogiversaries, and I’m looking forward to many more lovely and inspiring artwork from you!

  2. Late as usual but wishing you a happy TWO, warmest congrats – don’t get over to you as often as I’d like but can’t imagine not-you in my blogosphere – you share so much beauty Marina…

  3. Happy Blog-a-versary!! We’ve both got toddler blogs, I had my 2nd aniv. about a month ago… I love the evolution of the tree, the lightness of the brushstrokes is mesmerizing… I sound repetitive but it’s that special effect your work has on me… tranquility… big hug lovely friend, thanks for stopping by my blog, it’s so heartwarming to see you there, Alexandra

  4. I love ALL your trees Marina, and as October is already upon us.. Where did September go? the leaves are turning, … Love the texture colours… as your painting viewed close up brings the bark yet again to life..
    sending you Hugs Sue xox

    • Hugs received!!!! Thank you so much, Sue!
      Yes, September flew off so quickly, as did this whole summer, to me anyway! I’m so happy you enjoyed this series. Have a beautiful October, my dear. Hugs and xxxxx! 🙂

  5. Happy Blogiversary! Man, it’s October already! I should mark my blogiversary too, so that I might post something special by the time it comes around next year. Seems like the longer blogs are alive, the better or more appealing they become; growing like the sequence of your fortune tree (as in the last pic.)

    • Ah, thank you very much, Krissy! That’s a beautiful thing to say. I think it’s because you gradually learn more. When I began blogging 2 yrs ago, I had absolutely no idea how to! I just wanted to create a portfolio but it grew to much more than that. I’m so glad you like it and I wish you have many of those! 🙂

  6. Amazing coincidence you managed to keep the range waiting for the Autumn display.. and on 1st October boom you launch it.. hope you produced the blankets yet as I’ll have one straight away for the chilly nights.. I can see the sun through… super Marina.

  7. Happy anniversary! Lovely stuff too, as ever; so bright and vivid! Just the sort of thing we need as the nights start crawling in. 🙂

  8. Happy Blogiversary, dear Marina. Two years of sharing your beautiful art which I have enjoyed so much in this period of time time and a wonderful friendship ! Thank you 🙂
    Happy First of October to you too, my dear friend 🙂
    lots of love and hugs from the Northern parts xxxxxxxx

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