dst and a short hiatus

Last Sunday we LOST an hour in our part of the world, moving to D.S.T. [Daylight Saving Time]. Many of my friends are already familiar with my views on D.S.T. [for those who aren’t:  dst-or-losing-an-hour]. As if that wasn’t enough [!], I’ve been experiencing some technical issues. Therefore I’m on a short break to sort things out.
Will be back soon [Monday, hopefully].
Due to the technical hiccups, my April illustration will probably be delayed too 🙄😞
See you next week and HAPPY APRIL everyone!
Don’t forget what day it is tomorrow!  😉



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  1. I hate Daylight Savings Time when we lose an hour, because that means one less hour of Marina Kanavaki creating beautiful art, and making the world a more beautiful place just be being in it!!

    But… I must admit, I love Daylight Savings Time when we gain an hour because… that means another hour of Marina!!

    I guess it all balances out, but it’s agony to lose Marina for even a minute, so losing a whole hour of Marina, even if it’s just once a year, is simply intolerable!!!

    I must take consolation in the fact that Marina and her art both exhibit a timeless beauty… 😊

    And on that happy note, I believe it’s time for a bowl of ambrosia… 🍨🚀🌖💥😲🚑👽

  2. We have DST in our part of the world also – DST holds a very special place of loathing in the dark recesses of my being…..Hope everything gets sorted out on your end. Take care. Looking forward to your return.

  3. DST adjustment is never fun. Of course most relish when the extra hour returns. Meanwhile, love the opening image. Close examination shows a great amount of detail. Enjoy your brief break … an FYI: I’ll be announcing a break soon.

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