Frosty Monday… no longer!

and sun is out
warming us up.
Just before the sun melted these tiny icicles,
they got captured by my phone camera!
…and here they are:
…and a wonderful lady singing the Monday Blues

Bessie Smith

Frosty Morning Blues

Happy Monday!

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  1. Fantastic captures of the ice crystals. Such beauty born of the cold.
    I adore Bessie Smith. Did you see the movie about her life, starring Queen Latifa? Fabulous!
    Well, it’s Friday now, and Happy Valentine’s, Marina!

  2. Happy Monday on Thursday night … oh I should Happy Friday! Just had to stop by to say hello. Nice pics of the ice. and wow … you went into the way-back machine for that one! Good choice.

  3. Wow. Bessie Smith too. Wonderful photographs. As an artist it must be awing to always be outdone by the lines and textures in Nature. Cheers!

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